Teen Mom OG Amber Portwood continues to work through issues to become a better mom and person

Amber Portwood
Amber Portwood continues to work through her issues in life. Pic credit: MTV

On Tuesday night’s Teen Mom Family Reunion episode, Coach Bryant conducted a therapy session with the original moms from Teen Mom OG, Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, and Cheyenne Floyd.

When Coach Bryant brought out a huge easel, the three girls wondered what was going on.

What did Coach Bryant have the Teen Mom OGs do in their therapy session?

Dr. Bryant told Maci, Amber, and Cheyenne they would be talking to their younger selves and asking for forgiveness. Why? Because all three girls have held on to issues from their past, many of them stemming back to the time they got pregnant as teens.

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Why was Amber Portwood’s session significant to Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers?

Maci and Cheyenne talked to their giant portraits of themselves, telling Coach Bryant what they saw in that younger version of themselves. They asked for forgiveness from their younger selves before Amber had her turn.

As Amber sat on the couch when Coach Bryant brought out her photo, it was like she couldn’t even look at it. In fact, she made that comment—that it was “really hard to look at.”

When Coach Bryant asked Amber to reveal to her what she saw in that younger version of herself, Amber responded with “a fake smile.”

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood has dealt with a lot throughout her life

After Coach Bryant asked Amber to elaborate on that, Amber said that most of her life she has hidden behind fake smiles, and she doesn’t know how to act otherwise.

Amber voiced that she doesn’t think she is a good mom, and that sometimes, she doesn’t even feel like a mom at all. She has also talked about her rocky relationship with her teenage daughter, Leah.

At age 13, Leah hasn’t wanted much to do with Amber because of Amber’s past, and as viewers saw, she got emotional about this, both when she talked to the other moms and also when Coach Bryant talked with Amber about her past.

Amber also revealed something about her past that not a lot of people probably knew…when asked during the session by Coach Bryant if she could remember when she was last happy, Amber said probably when she was 5 years old.

Amber revealed that a piece of herself died when her sister died. She opened up about her baby sister, who passed away from SIDS.

She let viewers know that this was when her life really took a turn for the worse because she felt like her parents weren’t there for her. Therefore, she felt like she hasn’t had any real parental figures in her life.

Amber said her sister’s death, plus her mental struggles, addiction issues, and the jail sentence she served, have been hard on her, her past relationships, and her children.

Amber said she wants to be better, and it seems like she is getting better, which is evident to TMFR viewers, judging by her social media posts. She has commented that she wants the younger moms to learn from her and her mistakes; she truly feels she can be an asset to them as they go through life on what not to do.

In fact, she just posted a picture of a pink card on her Instagram that said, “I like who I’m becoming…a lot.” As her caption, Amber wrote, “Its not a sprint (woman running emoji) its a marathon!”

Amber has come to realize that she has to take it one step at a time, and one day at a time, to make positive strides in her life and come to terms with her past and what she wants from her future.

Amber Portwood is really trying and Teen Mom Family Reunion viewers have noticed

Amber has and is continuing to make progress within herself and with others. Her presence is calmer, she doesn’t have the frequent outbursts she used to, and she is trying for everyone around her. It truly seems she is trying to forgive herself and others as she continues to move through life now.

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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