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Teen Mom Family Reunion: Jade Cline says cast members went through some ‘life changing stuff’ while filming

Jade Cline
Jade Cline talks about how she and fellow teen moms went through some stuff during filming. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 cast member, Jade Cline, who is currently filming Teen Mom Family Reunion, dishes on what her fellow castmates went through during the show.

What question was Jade Cline asked and how did she respond to it?

The drama did occur, but some needed to happen to move on, grow, and heal between the moms, their significant others, and themselves internally.

Jade Cline responded to a viewer post after last night’s episode of Teen Mom Family Reunion. The fan stated, “I have seen so much growth in you ❤ Boss Moves 💯 keep being positive beautiful 😍.”

After she read that, Jade commented back, “Thanks girl!!! Glad you guys can see growth! So many of us went through some life changing stuff lol So much more to see that will surprise you guys.”

Wow…so much more to come still? Four episodes in, and viewers have already seen so many things happen, growth that has occurred, bridges that have been rebuilt, and connections that have started to heal.

Pic credit: @jadecline_/Instagram

How have the moms on Teen Mom Family Reunion grown since being on the show?

So far in Teen Mom Family Reunion, we have seen some of the moms struggle with their self-worth, such as Maci Bookout. During a scream therapy exercise with life coach Dr. Bryant, Maci screamed that she was “not enough.”

Amber Portwood also confessed that she doesn’t feel like a good mom…and sometimes she doesn’t feel like she even is a mom.

Teen Mom fans have also witnessed the struggle that Devoin Austin and Briana DeJesus have encountered throughout Nova’s whole life, and still continue to deal with as they talked through their therapy session.

Although it got heated during the session, at least Devoin and Briana got to have a mediator there while they both said their piece and got out what they had been holding in. Hopefully, as they move forward, the couple can figure out how to successfully co-parent for the sake of Nova…and Stella.

Jade Cline and Ashley Jones have reconciled their relationship after an outburst of drama and a fight that nearly turned physical during the first night. Thankfully, they were able to sit down and talk things through, therefore, coming to an understanding to put it behind them.

Leah Messer told viewers about her fear of letting people in, especially when it comes to relationships. She talked to Ashley about her current boyfriend, Jaylan Mobley, and the fear she has had that he is “too good to be true.” She continued to tell Ashley that she just can’t trust he is who he has been saying he is. Jaylan did end up coming to San Diego and surprised Leah by doing so. Maybe this will help Leah come to terms with her trust issues since Jaylan showed up after an invitation.

Moreover, we saw that Briana, and her sister, Brittany, recently found out they have different fathers. Briana air quoted that her mom thought it had been in their best interests not to reveal it before. It turned out that Brittany’s father had passed away when she was young, so their mother, Roxanne, never told them any differently.

Furthermore, we have seen Amber talk about her continued, strained relationship with her and Gary’s daughter, Leah, and how she has struggled with it for years.

What growth and healing is yet to come for the Teen Moms?

Hopefully, by having Coach Bryant – the Teen Mom Family Reunion life coach – they will continue to grow and heal within themselves and with those around them. Viewers have already seen so many life-changing moments and have seen these girls progress in so many ways. As the season continues, Teen Mom fans hope to see that this Family Reunion for the moms continues to be beneficial.

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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