Teen Mom OG alum Farrah Abraham accused of hacking daughter Sophia’s Instagram to write a post about herself

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham is under suspicion of writing a message to herself on her daughter’s Instagram page. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom Family Reunion star Farrah Abraham is in the news once again, and like usual, not for good reasons.

Apparently, critics think that Farrah hacked into her daughter Sophia’s Instagram account and posted a long note about herself, but made it look as though Sophia wrote it.

Critics suspect Teen Mom Family Reunion star Farrah Abraham wrote message on Instagram posing as daughter Sophia

Farrah is the account manager on Sophia’s Instagram account, so she has all access to what is posted on it.

The lengthy post on Sophia’s account included statements about Farrah being her “role model” and calling Farrah an “amazing mom.” But critics are curious whether Sophia, or Farrah, wrote the message.

Parts of Sophia’s message said, “I wanted to say I love my mom, I’m proud of my mom. My mom deserves to surround herself with better people, better work surroundings and I never want to be associated with bad people like this.” This was seemingly directed at the rest of the cast members within the Teen Mom franchise and the MTV producers.

The message continued, “I hope the other kids turn out okay because their parents are lost in hate land that’s not real…These hateful people don’t even deserve to be in my moms eye sight. No one should be treated like this for over a decade. My mom is truly a role model, a leader, and she deserves far greater then Teen Mom.”

Sophia — or Farrah, whoever took to Instagram to write this — obviously did so after Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom Family Reunion aired when Farrah made her unexpected visit to the show and again, caused great controversy.

The post went on to declare, “Our lives our far greater [than] this show. My mom has wasted enough of her life on haters and bad people like this and it’s time to soar forward…I hope one day you get to see the talented person I’ve been blessed with as a mom, I love my amazing mom.”

What did critics have to say about the message?

Critics had a heyday with this post, as they were none short to comment back. One fan wrote, “Imagine using your child’s Insta to hype yourself up (laughing face emoji) sad.”

Another stated, “I’d put money on that Sophia did not write this.” Yet one more said, “Now we know you wrote this Farrah (laughing face emoji).” Still, another fan put, “Free Sophia.”

critics' comments on sophia's IG post
Pic credit: @sophialabraham/Instagram

It sounds like critics don’t believe that it was truly Sophia who wrote this post to Farrah, in response to Tuesday night’s episode.

Another comment that was written back talked about how Farrah is definitely not a role model, as the fan stated, “Great example. Arrested twice in less than 12 months. I hope you take a better path than she did. And neither of those arrests had anything to do with TM or MTV or anyone on the shows. Just Farrah thinking she’s above all.”

One last viewer wrote, “If it sounds like Farrah and spells everything incorrectly like Farrah… something leads me to believe it just might be…”

critics comment on sophia's IG post
Pic credit: @sophialabraham/Instagram

So who wrote the Instagram post?

If this was, in fact, Sophia who wrote this, most people will wonder why she thinks this, or if she has been brain-washed by Farrah. Many fans have accused Farrah of writing the post herself to gain more attention and improve her image.

This came after Farrah made a remark to Cory Wharton about his family and said she “felt really ghetto.” Farrah took a great deal of heat for the comments from TMFR viewers.

What are your thoughts? Did Sophia really write this? If so, does Sophia truly believe Farrah is a role model for herself and other tweens/teens? Or did Farrah, as Sophia’s account manager, write this post as Sophia to make herself look better?

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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