Teen Mom Family Reunion: Dr. Bryant says Farrah Abraham’s return to MTV ‘helped the group’

Dr. Bryant and Farrah Abraham of TMFR
According to Dr. Bryant, Farrah Abraham’s return to MTV “helped the group” on Teen Mom Family Reunion. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom Family Reunion life coach Dr. Bryant made a surprising revelation when she said that Farrah Abraham’s return to MTV “helped the group” to deal with their pain.

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Dr. Bryant is a well-renowned life coach with the experience and accolades to back it up.

Admittedly, Dr. Bryant hadn’t watched a single episode of any Teen Mom shows before taking on the task of becoming a life coach to a group of moms (and dads) with a lot of history of conflict and feuds.

Dr. Cheyenne Bryant says she’d never watched Teen Mom before joining TMFR

Dr. Bryant revealed during a recent interview that although she knew of the Teen Mom franchise, she had never watched an entire episode. Therefore, she didn’t have any preconceived notions about the cast, which she saw as advantageous.

“It allowed me to really build a relationship with them personally, and not a relationship with a narrative that TV has given them,” Dr. Bryant revealed.

One cast member who TMFR viewers have yet to see this season is Teen Mom OG alum, Farrah Abraham.

Farrah has been busy promoting TMFR, promising fans plenty of drama, which Farrah is sure to bring with her wherever she goes.

When Farrah left the Teen Mom franchise in 2018 to pursue a career in the adult entertainment field, she didn’t go on good terms with her castmates or producers from Teen Mom OG.

So, when news broke that Farrah would be joining the cast of TMFR, viewers were shocked and still weren’t sure what to expect.

TMFR life coach Dr. Bryant says Farrah Abraham’s return ‘helped the group’

Although it seems the rest of the cast isn’t exactly thrilled about Farrah’s return, Dr. Bryant says it actually was helpful.

“If anything, Farrah coming in and stirring up the drama with her presence really helped the group because it inflamed conflict,” Dr. Bryant shared. “Whenever conflict is inflamed by frustration or anger, there goes the pain.”

Of Farrah’s entrance, Dr. Bryant said, “I get to penetrate that [pain] pocket, so we can see what’s behind that trigger.”

Farrah can undoubtedly be categorized as a trigger to many of the parents from the franchise. The self-proclaimed J.D. law student reportedly got into a heated fight with Teen Mom OG castmate Cheyenne Floyd during filming for TMFR.

In a recent interview, the cast of TMFR opened up about working with Farrah again.

Amber Portwood from Teen Mom OG noted that, love her or hate her, Farrah deserved a spot on the cast just as much as any of the other moms and dads, past and present, from the franchise.

None of the other moms from the cast felt comfortable voicing much about working with Farrah, but their body language said enough.

Teen Mom Family Reunion airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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