Teen Mom 2 fans take aim at Jenelle Evans after she tries to shame owner of pregnant Pit Bull

Jenelle Evans during an episode of Teen Mom 2
Teen Mom 2 fans take aim at Jenelle Evans after she shames a dog owner on Twitter. Pic credit: MTV

Jenelle Evans may no longer be part of the Teen Mom 2 franchise, but she still manages to regularly stay in the headlines.

Most recently, Jenelle received backlash from fans after she shamed the owners of a pregnant pit bull she claimed wandered onto her property.

Jenelle shared photos of the pregnant pit bull the day they found her and shared another update after she gave birth to puppies.

When asked, Jenelle shared they had no intentions of selling the puppies but instead planned to give them away once they were old enough to be separated from their mother.

Jenelle said she was happy they found her and were able to give her a warm place to stay. Jenelle said she made a post, hoping the owner could be located, but no one came forward.

Fans were skeptical of the couple’s ability to care for the dog properly and worried about her and the puppies’ safety.

Several fans pleaded with Jenelle to be careful with her children around the dog. David had previously shot and killed the family dog after it reportedly bit their daughter Ensley in the face.

Jenelle shamed the owners on Twitter and said, “Whoever left this dog chained outside being pregnant in 35 degree weather is beyond me but luckily she found us and we gave her a warm spot to sleep since then. Don’t leave your animals out in the freezing weather!”

Jenelle Evans shames pregnant pit bull's owner in Twitter post
Jenelle Evans shames pregnant pit bull’s owner in Twitter post Pic credit: @PBandJenelley/Twitter

Fans react

Fans immediately took aim at Jenelle after she tried to shame the owner.

One fan questioned her story on how she came across the dog and asked, “Per the article you said it ‘showed up at the end of your driveway’ so how was it chained outside in 35 degree weather???”

Fan questions how Jenelle knew the dog was chained up but didn't know who the owner was
Fan questions how Jenelle knew the dog was chained up but didn’t know who the owner was Pic credit: @Jess020411/Twitter

Another follower was concerned that she didn’t call animal rescue and said, “Why wasn’t animal rescue called? If you knew the dog was chained in 35 degree weather, then you know where it lives and should have let animal control take over. It’s not your dog, nor your pups.  And if you sell the pups they can sue you. Best to surrender them to animal rescue.”

Fan questions why Jenelle didn't call animal rescue
Fan questions why Jenelle didn’t call animal rescue Pic credit: @street_feets/Twitter

Jenelle calls follower a troll

Regardless of fan backlash, Jenelle shared a video that showed the pit bull puppies alive and seemingly doing well.

One fan saw that and wrote, “Lol so I’m guessing ‘no one’ showed up at your door with authorities to claim the dog.”

Jenelle retweeted the comment and replied, “Def not! Told you that girl was a troll.”

Jenelle Evans calls follower a troll
Jenelle Evans calls follower a troll Pic credit: @PBandJenelley_1/Twitter

As of right now, the pit bull’s owner has yet to come forward to claim the dog. Fans can keep tabs on the situation by following Jenelle’s social media pages.

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.