Teen Mom 2 critics accuse Javi Marroquin of ‘toxic’ parenting, pushing sons too hard

Teen Mom 2 alum Javi Marroquin
Some Teen Mom 2 fans accused Javi Marroquin of projecting his “toxic masculinity” onto his sons. Pic credit: WE tv

Critics think Teen Mom 2 alum Javi Marroquin takes it too far when it comes to encouraging his sons.

Javi is a father to two boys. He shares son Lincoln, 8, with baby mama Kail Lowry and son Eli, 3, with baby mama Lauren Comeau.

Lincoln and Eli’s birthdays are only one day apart, so Javi was busy sharing birthday wishes for his boys this week on Instagram.

His son Eli turned 3 on November 15 while his older son Lincoln celebrated his 8th birthday on November 16.

Teen Mom 2 alum Javi Marroquin wishes sons Eli and Lincoln happy birthdays

In Javi’s birthday post to his three-year-old son Eli, he wrote, “Eli is 3! ? you bring so much joy to life and I cannot wait to continue to watch you grow. Every upcoming year, we strive to be better than the last.”

“The amount of accomplishments at 2 were unreal so I can only imagine what you’re going to do at 3. You’re funny, sweet, athletic, wild, dare devil, loving, and so many more. Today is your day, my king! I love you so much!”

The 28-year-old father of two shared similar sentiments a day later in his birthday post for his son Lincoln.

He wrote, “Lincoln is 8! Not enough characters to describe the type of young man you’re growing up to be. You’re a leader, a great brother, sweet, kind, and so many others.”

Surprisingly, Javi made the trek to his ex-fiancee Lauren Comeau’s Delaware home in order to snap the picture he shared for Eli’s birthday, despite their recent restraining orders filed against each other.

Javi continued in his caption, “You’re dedicated, passionate, and if this past year is any indication of what is coming, I can’t wait to be your #1 fan. I love you king!”

Teen Mom 2 critics slam Javi Marroquin’s ‘toxic’ parenting

After seeing Javi’s posts on Instagram, one Teen Mom 2 fan took to Reddit and created a thread titled, “Why does he put so much pressure on a 3 year old to “strive to be better”? He’s f*****g 3 lol.”

Teen Mom 2 fans felt that Javi puts too much pressure on his sons and took to the comments to voice their feelings.

One of Javi’s critics felt that he went overboard in his expectations for his youngest son, Eli.

“So narcissistic. The poor kid is a toddler,” the critic commented.

Another Teen Mom 2 fan felt the accomplishments Javi mentioned should be better suited for a child his age.

“Accomplishments at 2?” the Teen Mom 2 fan wrote. “I hope he means normal toddler accomplishments like learning to use the potty and stuff like that.”

teen mom 2 critics bashed javi's "toxic" parenting on reddit
Teen Mom 2 critics slammed Javi on Reddit. Pic credit: u/kbc87/Reddit

“It’s not a child’s responsibility to strive to be better it’s their responsibility to freaking play ?,” penned another one of Javi’s critics.

One of Javi’s critics felt that his parenting is “toxic.”

Their comment read, “Toxic masculinity!! He breeds that into his children it’s very sad.”

The critic’s comment continued, “He has conditioned these two boys to believe that they’re better than anybody else, they work harder than anybody else & that they are superior. It’s going to really be sad if these kids turn into total d****e canoes because of their father.”

Javi certainly received a lot of backlash for his parenting, but from the content he regularly shares on social media, it’s evident that he’s at least a present and involved father in Eli and Lincoln’s lives.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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