Teen Mom 2: Chris Lopez speaks out after cutting son Creed’s hair, claims Kail Lowry no-showed the haircut

Teen Mom 2 star Chris Lopez
Chris Lopez spoke out after the drama between himself and Kail Lowry after he cut their son Creed’s hair. Pic credit: @luxrlowry/Instagram

Teen Mom 2 star Chris Lopez has spoken out after the drama surrounding his and Kail Lowry’s youngest son Creed’s first haircut.

News of Kail Lowry’s youngest son Creed getting his hair cut has Teen Mom 2 fans wondering which parent was responsible, and now they have an answer.

Teen Mom 2 star Chris Lopez speaks out after cutting son Creed’s hair

Chris gave a glimpse into his side of the story. He spoke on the topic during the latest episode of his podcast, PTSD – Pressure Talks with Single Dads. Teen Mom Chatter on Instagram shared a clip of the audio from the podcast episode.

“I don’t know if y’all have been paying attention to social media, but the small s**t in my life makes big headlines. So, you know, Creed got his first haircut and s**t. Gave him a haircut. He just got it cut.”

Chris went on to say that his friends were asking why Creed hadn’t had a haircut yet to “shape up” his curls. Chris told his friend that Creed was “too small for that” and that kids his age “move too much.” Creed turned 1 in September 2020.

“It made media… it’s all over and they comin’ at me crazy,” Chris said of the reports that hit social media after news broke that he cut off Creed’s curls.

Chris mentioned that critics were upset that he cut Creed’s curls, but noted that it was long and needed shaped up, stating, “It’ll grow back.”

Chris Lopez claims Kail Lowry no-showed Creed’s haircut

According to Chris, he reached out to Kail before cutting Creed’s hair and said he “low-key waited for her,” claiming she said, “Oh, I’m on my way,” to which he says he did not reply.

Chris claimed that he waited for an hour and a half for Kail, but she no-showed.

“I don’t even really know, for real, for real. I just know it was time for a cut,” Chris told his listeners. “You feel me? I wasn’t on no bulls**t like, it wasn’t to be spiteful or nothing. It was just more like I was being a dad at this point, bro. In regards to how people feel and s**t like that, it was time for a cut.”

When Chris cut his and Kail’s other son Lux’s hair in 2020 without her consent, she reportedly punched him, ending in her arrest. It seems as though Kail learned from the last time Chris cut one of their sons’ hair.

Kail told a fan that she is “tired of the drama, tired of feeling defeat,” when it comes to her co-parenting relationship with Chris. “[I’m] tired of haters saying I’m the problem,” Kail added.

“I’m just f**king tired,” Kail added. “People love to f**king antagonize me and then say SEE! THERES CRAZY KAIL.”

Co-parenting their sons Lux and Creed has not been Chris and Kail’s strong suit. In fact, Chris called co-parenting with Kail “the worst job in the world.”

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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