Tayshia Adams defends Zac Clark relationship: ‘It’s real’

tayshia adams zac clark
Tayshia Adams defended her relationship with fiance Zac Clark saying their love affair is real. Pic credit: @ABC/Craig Sjodin

Tayshia Adams came to the defense of her fiance Zac Clark by speaking out in support of their union, which began on the reality dating series, The Bachelorette. The reality star shared of their relationship “it’s real.”

Tayshia revealed that defending her relationship, particularly from those on social media who believe a relationship that began so quickly cannot be genuine, can take its toll. She prefers to focus on her love for Zac and his for her.

“It’s so funny because people do have lives outside of social media,” Tayshia told Us Weekly.

“And it’s so amazing to have the love and support of Bachelor Nation. Because to be honest with you, we go through it kind of together when we’re all watching the show. However, you have to realize that it’s a real relationship behind the scenes,” she continued.

Tayshia met Zac after stepping in to replace Clare Crawley during Season 15 of The Bachelorette after Crawley found an instant connection with Dale Moss and left the season early.

Zac proposed to Tayshia during the final episode of their season, which viewers saw in December 2020.

Bachelor Nation speculated about the couple’s happiness

Earlier this year, Tayshia and Zac sparked speculation about their relationship when she was seen when without her stunning 3.25-carat emerald-cut sparkler surrounded by a halo of 27 round diamonds and further accented by 67 round diamonds.

Around the same time, Zac’s mother reportedly unfollowed Tayshia on Instagram.

Speaking of the effects that reading fan commentary can have on a relationship, Adams explained that the best thing someone can do is not take it to heart.

Tayshia said that she gave that advice to current Bachelorette Katie Thurston as she begins her quest to find love on this season of the ABC series.

“I suggested to Katie, like, if you have to separate yourself a little bit do so because you want to do what’s best for you in the relationship,” Adams explained. “And if that means, like, pulling back a little bit on social media, then do it. That’s your relationship, so you just have to put a little bit of boundaries, nothing bad, just [some] boundaries.”

Tayshia and Zac have their families’ support

During an appearance on Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo’s podcast Talking it Out, Tayshia’s dad Desmond Adams revealed his true feelings for Clark.

He described his future son-in-law as “humble,” “genuine” and an all-around “good guy.”

“During our [first] conversation, we had some good heart-to-hearts, even on our first talks,” he revealed. “I was happy with him, I was really happy with him. [I’m] so happy with just how things are progressing. It’s nice. He’s a great guy.”

Adams is a co-host alongside Kaitlyn Bristowe on the current season of The Bachelorette.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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