Tamra Judge says Shannon Beador is a ‘nightmare,’ says former RHOC co-star acts like a ‘diva’

Tamra Judge calls Shannon Beador a "nightmare" who acts like a diva
Tamra Judge calls Shannon Beador a “nightmare.” Pic credit: Bravo

The Tres Amigas have been dismantled and Real Housewives of Orange County alum, Tamra Judge, is speaking out about her true feelings for her former “amiga” and castmate, Shannon Beador.

The pair have been feuding for several months now following Tamra’s departure from the housewives franchise.  While Tamra is no longer part of the cast, she’s wasted no time immersing herself into the drama by throwing shade at her castmates and the show.

Tamra speaks out about Shannon

During a recent episode of the Poplitically Incorrect , Tamra refers to Shannon as a “master manipulator” adding that her costar is a “nightmare” and acts like a “diva.”

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She said, “She is controlling, has fits, yells, calls in the middle of the night, screams.”

Tamra mentions how fans keep asking what Shannon did to contribute to the ending of their friendship.  While many speculate that Shannon’s amends with castmate Kelly Dodd might be what put the nail in the coffin of their friendship, Tamra insists it has nothing to do with that. She clarified, “I’m mad that she just dumped me.”

Tamra said, “She can twist it any way she can…she’s a master manipulator.  She’s a professional victim is what she is.”

Tamra and Shannon’s feud history

In an Instagram live back in May, Tamra and former housewife, Vicki Gunvalson, spoke out about their castmates and their friendship with Shannon in particular.  Tamra said, “Love Shannon.  Don’t know what happened.  We were great friends.  Vicki and I announced we weren’t coming back and she stopped communicating with us, end of story.”

Similarly, Shannon has taken to her own Instagram replying to fans questions about the feud, telling them she “wasn’t sure what happened between them.”

After publicly announcing that they were no longer friends, Tamra recalled an angry text from Shannon saying, “What’s your problem? Why didn’t you call?”, to which Tamra replied, “I did call you, I’m tired of calling you…I’m not going to beg for your friendship anymore.”.

The Tres Amigas

Despite their current feud, Shannon and Tamra shared several good memories as documented on previous seasons of RHOC.  The pair, combined with castmate Vicki, deemed themselves as the “Tres Amigas” and they were inseparable.

The trio were constantly laughing and enjoying each other’s company while “whooping it up” on girl’s weekends and cast vacations.

The "Tres Amigas" taking shots together while filming a trip to Mexico
The “Tres Amigas” taking shots together while filming a trip to Mexico Pic credit: Bravo TV

When Shannon went through a rough patch while going through her divorce with ex-husband, David Beador, Tamra supported her and answered her calls in the middle of the night.

Following Shannon’s divorce, Tamra continued to support her friend.  She posted a picture of Shannon after her weight loss transformation and captioned it, “Divorce looks GOOD on you.  Single AF”

With so much history between the two, fans are hoping they can reconcile their differences and the beloved Tres Amigas can be reunited once again.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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