Tammy Slaton pursuing a career in plus-size modeling as the future of 1000-Lb. Sisters remains uncertain

Tammy Slaton IG selfie August 2023
Tammy snaps a selfie while relaxing outdoors. Pic credit: @queentammy86/Instagram

While the future of 1000-Lb. Sisters hangs in the balance, Tammy Slaton is looking at career options outside of reality television.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, filming for 1000-Lb. Sisters was reportedly halted after Tammy, her sister Amy, Amanda Halterman, and Chris Combs got into a physical altercation.

Season 4 of the TLC series came to an end in March 2023, and although fans are looking forward to Season 5, it’s unclear whether there will be one.

Tammy teased that instead, Season 4B will air in December 2023 and will feature her wedding to her late husband, Caleb Willingham.

Whether or not Season 4B will be the final season for the series remains to be seen, so in the meantime, Tammy is apparently looking to secure work outside of TLC.

The 37-year-old reality TV personality would like to expand her resume, especially now that she’s slimmed down and is feeling healthier than ever after undergoing bariatric surgery last year.

1000-Lb. Sisters source says Tammy Slaton is interested in a modeling career

According to an insider who spoke with The Sun, Tammy would like to continue working in front of the cameras, but in a much different capacity: modeling.

The source told the outlet, “Well, I can’t say if there is or is not going to be another season, but Tammy is looking at other opportunities.”

Adding that Tammy would like to be a frontwoman for the full-figured demographic, the insider noted, “Tammy wants to represent people in her community who have been through what she has been through.”

Part of the reason Tammy is considering alternative forms of income is that she’s unhappy with the direction 1000-Lb. Sisters is going. Tammy reportedly was irked that the show’s producers “forced drama” at her late husband Caleb’s funeral earlier this month.

Tammy was photographed at Caleb’s service looking somber as she said her final goodbyes to her estranged husband of six months. Although funerals are typically depressing occasions, a source claimed that Caleb’s celebration of life was more lighthearted and that people “were having fun.”

Will Tammy and Amy Slaton take their storyline to another production company?

Earlier this year, it was also reported that Tammy and her sister, Amy Slaton, were pushing for more money from the network.

An insider claimed that the Slaton sisters signed contracts to film Season 4B and, therefore, aren’t allowed to accept any other commercial opportunities in the meantime, meaning they’re essentially stuck with the network for at least another season.

Could a spin-off show be in the works, though? That’s definitely a possibility, but it would mean the Slatons would have to find another production company to get it rolling.

1000-Lb. Sisters is currently on hiatus.

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