Tammy Ly talks Bachelor Nation and ‘mean invasive’ fandom  

Tammy Ly
Tammy Ly is done with The Bachelor franchise after appearing on The Bachelor Season 24 and Bachelor in Paradise Season 7. Pic credit: @tammykayly/Instagram

Tammy Ly recently engaged with fans and responded to all their inquiries surrounding The Bachelor franchise. 

While Tammy has been vocal about walking away from the franchise, she still has lots of thoughts and insight to share about the show. 

Tammy also shared her thoughts on fans and how Bachelor Nation fans can be some of the harshest. 

Tammy Ly defends herself after critics call her out 

Tammy Ly took to her Instagram Stories and encouraged her fans to send her anonymous messages. 

Some critics called Tammy out for continuing to discuss The Bachelor franchise despite claiming she’s moving on from the show. 

One anonymous commenter asked, “Why did you say you’re quitting bachelor nation yet you still talk about it all the time?”

Tammy replied, “When I said ‘quitting’ – I am distancing myself from being extremely involved in the franchise. I am allowed to talk about whatever I want & I don’t talk about it ALL the time. I talk about the show when it’s relating to something I’m speaking about or my life. My experiences, my friends experiences, things I hear that I disagree/agree with. I can still watch the show and not be heavily involved in it anymore and have opinions.” 

Tammy added, “Idk why you guys give me so much crap on that. I often get questions and comments about it so I’m going to answer them.” 

Tammy Ly's Instagram story
Pic credit: @tammykayly/Instagram

Another follower felt Tammy was “pretending” to quit, writing, “Girl you said you’re quitting bachelor nation and then you went on 25 Bachelor podcasts to talk about it. That’s why people give you s**t. And you still identify as BN on all your social media. You can be part of it but don’t pretend you’re quitting lol.” 

Tammy clarified that she only did six podcasts after “quitting” and explained that was because she was asked to make an appearance. 

Tammy defined what quitting means to her, writing, “‘Quitting’ = no longer being heavily involved in the franchise. It’s not like I’m going back on the show(s) or the BN podcasts.” 

Tammy Ly's Instagram story
Pic credit: @tammykayly/Instagram

Tammy Ly calls Bachelor Nation fans ‘mean and invasive’ 

One of Tammy’s fans wrote, “I feel like out of any reality show, bachelor nation has the most invasive fans, how do you personally deal with that?”

Tammy agreed with the sentiment, replying, “I agree. Bachelor nation fans can be very mean and invasive. Especially when you don’t fit in the generic box they favor. People are all different looks, personalities, and the way they deal with situations.” 

Tammy continued, “I feel like they want ‘different’ people yet they hate you for being different.” 

Tammy Ly's Instagram story
Pic credit: @tammykayly/Instagram

Tammy shared how she navigates the backlash and scrutiny from Bachelor Nation: “I try not to pay attention to the mean comments anymore. And I really make an effort to step out of my way to show love to those who are kind/loyal fans.” 

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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