Tammy Ly critiques Martin Gelbspan’s fashion choices and jokes about still being blocked by Aaron Clancy

Tammy Ly smirks
Tammy Ly humorously reacted to The Bachelorette Season 18. Pic credit: ABC

Tammy Ly has been tuning in to The Bachelorette Season 18 and shared her takes on the men and her thoughts on everything going on during Michelle Young’s season. 

After Martin Gelbspan received a one-on-one date with Michelle, Tammy expressed some thoughts on his style and connected it back to a certain ex from Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 who she seems to still be on bad terms with. 

Tammy Ly calls out Martin Gelbspan for wearing a cut sleeve shirt 

Michelle and Martin went on a one-on-one date where they had the opportunity to race flashy and colorful BMWs.

Both Michelle and Martin appeared to have a blast while racing and both wore casual attire for the date. 

However, Tammy was not a fan of Martin’s choice to wear a cut sleeve shirt, so much so that she joked that it made her change her whole opinion on him and no longer consider Martin to be her favorite guy in the cast. 

Tammy tweeted, “Martin was my fav until he showed up to this one on one in a CUT SLEEVE shirt” with a facepalm emoji. 

While Tammy may think cut sleeves are not the best fashion statement, there’s a larger reason why she humorously took issue with Martin’s attire. 

Tammy suggested that cut sleeves remind her too much of her BIP ex Aaron Clancy, who was known to show off his arms in cut sleeve tees. 

Tammy tweeted, “Wanna know who else wears cut sleeve shirts? Rhymes with Karen” along with a laughing emoji, skull emoji, and the hashtag #iplaytoomuch. 

Tammy Ly's tweet
Pic credit: @whoistammykay/Twitter

Tammy shares that Aaron Clancy still has her blocked on social media 

Tammy’s tweets led fans to comment that she was talking about Aaron Clancy, with whom she had a falling out on Bachelor in Paradise after she ditched him for his arch-nemesis, Thomas Jacobs. 

Knowing the bad blood between Tammy and Aaron, Tammy commented under her post with reassurance that her tweets won’t upset Aaron because he can’t see them. 

Tammy tweeted, “Don’t worry he won’t see this. He blocked me” with two laughing emojis and a skull. 

Tammy Ly' tweet
Pic credit: @whoistammykay/Twitter

A while back, Tammy had revealed that both Aaron Clancy and his best friend James Bonsall had blocked her and it seems Aaron is keeping the same energy even now. 

Fortunately, Tammy seems to be taking all the drama in stride and finding the humor in her Bachelor in Paradise experience. 

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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