Martin Gelbspan reveals his romantic unaired poem for Michelle Young

Martin Gelbspan holds up a glass with Michelle Young
Martin Gelbspan wrote a heartfelt poem about why Michelle Young is so great. Pic credit: ABC

Michelle Young wowed The Bachelorette viewers with her heartfelt poem about being the token Black girl, and now one of her suitors has shared his own poem for Michelle. 

Martin Gelbspan, the personal trainer from Miami Florida, was on the poetry-inspired group date during The Bachelorette, however, his romantic poem for Michelle wasn’t aired during the episode. 

Wanting to share his adoration for Michelle with the world, Martin posted his poem on social media and seemed enthralled by Michelle’s array of quality traits. 

Martin Gelbspan gushes over Michelle Young in his poem 

In Martin’s post, he shares several photos with Michelle while on their upcoming one-on-one date. The pair look sporty and smiley while surrounded by dazzling red and green BMWs. 

Martin’s caption explains that the world didn’t get to see his poem so he posted the entire poem in the caption. 

Martin’s poem beautifully opens with the line, “Love has never been too loud for me” and he proceeds to explain how he doesn’t often get smitten, doesn’t want to settle, and felt something was missing in his life. 

He also mentions that seeing Michelle be named the Bachelorette is what influenced him to come on the show, as she could be that missing element for him. 

In Martin’s poem, he lists all the things he finds “insanely attractive” about Michelle including her emphasis on making a difference, her loyalty, support, athleticism, work ethic, divine essence, and compassion. 

Martin expressed his willingness to fight for Michelle because she is exactly what he’s looking for, and he promised to not just talk the talk but walk the walk. 

Finally, Martin shared that he wouldn’t hesitate to give Michelle the world and make her his equal and he confidently declared that he’s “final rose material.” 

Martin Gelbspan gets a one-on-one date with Michelle Young 

The Bachelorette viewers will likely get to know Martin Gelbspan much better when he soon goes on his one-on-one date with Michelle. 

So far, Michelle has seemed to enjoy Martin and feel comfortable around him so it’s not too surprising that he’s earning one of the earlier one-on-one dates of the season. 

It appears the two will be racing cars and they seem to have a blast while exchanging playful banter with one another.

Time will tell if this private time racing cars will bring Martin and Michelle closer together or if it’ll be the end of the road for Martin.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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