Tammy Ly claims Bachelor in Paradise is pulling embarrassing stunts

Tammy Ly
Tammy Ly slams Bachelor in Paradise producers. Pic credit: ABC

Tammy Ly made her debut on The Bachelor franchise during Peter Weber’s season of the show.

However, she was eliminated in Week 6 of the show after Peter confronted her and Mykenna Dorn for the drama they were having with each other.

After going on Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise, Tammy spoke out against the franchise and has since disassociated herself from production and the franchise in general.

Despite moving on, Tammy still has a great deal to say about the producers and how the show plays favorites. Not only is she supposedly writing her own book, but she has been on Demi Burnett’s podcast to speak on it and also stays aware of the show’s news via social media.

What has Tammy Ly revealed about the franchise now?

While Tammy no longer has anything to do with the franchise and shows, it hasn’t kept her from clapping back at decisions they have made or things they have said.

Tammy took to her Twitter yesterday to call out Bachelor in Paradise and production. She wrote, “The crap they’re pulling for paradise this year is embarrassing (two laughing/crying face emojis).”

Tammy Ly talks out against the Bachelor franchise.
Pic credit: @tammykayly/Twitter

What did other viewers have to say to Tammy’s tweet?

While many people wanted to know what Tammy knew and requested she fill viewers in on what she had heard, others posted memes to exemplify how they felt.

One critic who agreed with Tammy stated, “There are so many better shows in the same genre. I wonder if the bachelor franchise knows they need to step it up but not with the BS they are used to pulling.”

One critic agrees with Tammy Ly.
Pic credit: @tammykayly/Twitter

Other viewers were trying to pry the information out of Tammy and tweeted out things like, “Spill the tea @tammykayly you ain’t on contract no more,” and “Let’s do a little Tea Time with Tammy.”

Another simply replied using three teacup emojis. A woman posted, “I can’t wait,” in anticipation of hearing what Bachelor in Paradise is up to that Tammy feels is so embarrassing and ridiculous.

Others plea with Tammy to spill the tea.
Pic credit: @tammykayly/Twitter

Why is Tammy no longer associated with the franchise?

About a month and a half ago, Tammy spoke out about her split from the franchise, saying she felt betrayed by production.

Moreover, Tammy has condemned the show for its lack of diversity and how the few diverse contestants are allegedly treated worse.

She also talked about how she and the franchise supposedly had something in the works for about two years, and then they suddenly betrayed her allegedly, and it hurt her a lot.

Tammy also revealed that there had been definite favorites on the shows, and unfortunately, as much as she tried, she was never one of them.

Regardless of her cutting ties with the franchise, Bachelor Nation is now curious whether there is some truth in Tammy’s tweet.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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