Syngin Colchester spotted with a mystery woman in San Diego after Tania Maduro split

Syngin Colchester who starred in 90 Day Fiance has now joined 90 Day: The Single Life following the Tania split.

TLC star Syngin Colchester spotted a mystery woman as 90 Day Fiance viewers speculate about his current relationship status.

Syngin and Tania starred in Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance when he moved from South Africa to Connecticut to be with her after they met in a bar.

The couple announced they were ending their relationship before Syngin revealed he is in the cast of 90 Day: The Single Life Season 2.

Tania and Syngin couldn’t agree on having children and seemingly had different life goals.

The couple was one of the more tumultuous in the series, constantly arguing with Tania infamously, refusing to say whether Syngin is her soulmate.

Syngin spotted with a mystery woman

The 90 Day Fiance star was spotted by a fan of the series, seemingly having a date with a mystery woman who is not Tania.

According to the photographer, the South African was in San Diego — over 2,500 miles from Tania’s hometown in Connecticut — when the photograph was taken.

The 30-year-old TLC star’s relationship status is unclear, but he expressed interest in another 90 Day Fiance star, who is still married.

Syngin explains why he split from Tania

The South African reality TV star explained that it wasn’t easy to split from ex-wife Tania Maduro in the finale of 90 Day: Bares All.

As 90 Day Fiance viewers saw on the TLC series, Syngin referenced their constant arguing, admitting that it felt like he was “almost forced to be happy” holding on to their relationship.

The South African star admitted in the interview that the issue of children was ultimately the breaking point.

“This is a big decision for me, because I knew once I tell her this, it’s gonna be the end of us,” he said to host Shaun Robinson, adding.

“But I still knew that I have to do this because even though I love her so much and want to give her whatever she wants, if I give her this, it might just impact me negatively and the whole relationship and everything can get way worse. So, the children was definitely the deciding factor in everything.”

In addition, he reveals experimenting with the idea of being a father by developing a relationship with the child of Tania’s sister.

It is unclear whether Syngin has permanently relocated to the United States after appearing on 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life Season 2. While with Tania, he admitted to suffering from homesickness being away from his family and friends.

90 Day: The Single Life will premiere Friday, November 12, on Discovery+.

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