Sydney Hightower on The Bachelor: Yearbook photos tell a different story than she told Peter Weber

Sydney Hightower
Sydney Hightower made some claims about her life on The Bachelor last night. Pic credit: ABC

Sydney Hightower had her first one-on-one date with Peter Weber on The Bachelor last night.

During the date, they were talking about how they were raised and Sydney revealed that she didn’t have the best upbringing.

In tears, she revealed how she wasn’t one of the cool kids at school and how she had eaten lunch by herself in the bathroom throughout most of her senior year.

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She also revealed that she had been bullied because of her skin color and how people had called her names.

Peter was in shock and appeared to be understanding of her feelings, as did viewers.

Sydney Hightower’s yearbook shared online

However, someone from Sydney’s high school was watching the show and the person didn’t seem to have the same perception of Sydney’s situation as Sydney herself.

On Twitter, a user named @jc_me_rollin_ shared photos of Sydney from the high school yearbook. In one photo, it was revealed she was a top 5 beauty in some kind of pageant.

She was also featured in a picture with a man named Michael King and that was labeled “sweethearts.” Another photo showed her as an Upperclassmen Top Beauty contestant and the last photo reveals she actually won a beauty competition.

While she may still have been bullied and eaten her lunch in the bathroom, she was definitely well-known by students, as she’s featured several times in the yearbook.

Sydney Hightower’s drama wasn’t all that happened last night

Sydney’s story on the show appeared to capture Peter’s heart, but the revelation about the yearbook didn’t happen until last night.

But that doesn’t mean the episode lacked drama.

During the episode, Victoria Fuller earned herself a cover of Cosmopolitan magazine with Peter Weber. As the episode came to an end, the cover was revealed but without Victoria.

The editor released her reasoning in a letter, sharing that Victoria’s previous work with a campaign that seemingly went against the Black Lives Matter movement gave the editing team second thoughts. Cosmopolitan revealed that her actions went against what the magazine stands for.

In addition, Kelsey kept crying about her dislike for Peter dating other women, resulting in Tammy insinuating that Kelsey has a drinking problem and a drug issue. She admitted to drinking wine and taking pills that help her with her medical issues.

The conclusion to that drama unfolds tomorrow night.

The Bachelor airs Monday and Wednesday this week at 8/7c on ABC.

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