Sydney Gordon flooded with ‘thousands’ of hateful messages from angry Bachelor fans

The Bachelor contestant Sydney Gordon
Sydney Gordon speaks out amid backlash. Pic credit: ABC

Sydney Gordon has disabled comments on all her social media pages amid “thousands” of hateful messages from The Bachelor fans.

The Season 28 villain recently spoke out amid the ongoing backlash and played some shocking audio messages she had received.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Sydney, who became the most disliked cast member this season after she tried (and failed) to get Maria Georgas booted from the mansion.

Sydney told Joey Graziadei she was being bullied by the brunette beauty and exaggerated their interaction to make Maria look bad.

However, the strategy backfired thanks to Joey’s strong connection with Maria.

Instead, he sent Sydney packing, and viewers rejoiced — thinking the drama would finally end.

Unfortunately, Sydney’s friend Lea Cayanan picked up where she left off and is now trying to get Maria eliminated, but that’s another story.

Despite her departure from the show, Sydney cannot escape the wrath of fans.

Sydney Gordon speaks out amid ‘thousands of hurtful messages’

Sydney recently took to TikTok to share a snippet of the backlash she’s been getting from being on the show.

After playing two of the angry voice messages from people calling her “gross” and a “skank,” the 28-year-old vintage store owner admitted they were “hard to hear.”

“That is just two of the thousands of hurtful messages I’ve received these last couple of weeks,” she said. “I didn’t know I could feel this low in my entire life.”

The former The Bachelor contestant noted that whenever she opens her social media pages, she’s constantly reminded of the insecurities she spent years trying to overcome.

“To hear ‘you’re ugly, you look like a man, it almost feels like I went back to square one,” said Sydney. “I was told that I’d be better off dead.”

Was Sydney playing the villain character on The Bachelor?

During the short video, Sydney chided the critics and told them to “do better.”

“It’s important to know that words you use — they pierce very deeply when you are sending hate to me or another cast member.”

Meanwhile, Sydney also said something that had us thinking she might have agreed to play the villain role for the cameras and is now having regrets.

“You may hate the character that was created on the show, but who’s actually receiving that hate is a real human being,” reasoned the Rhode Island native.

“I can’t speak of details of the show. However, I can say there are certain things that I wish I did differently and things I wish I didn’t say,” admitted Sydney.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Lisa ramsey
Lisa ramsey
2 months ago

She’s a big fat liar she put herself in that situation mind your business if your there for Joey let Joey figure it out but to just make up stuff because your jealousy that’s why people don’t like you

Mary Lynne Roda
Mary Lynne Roda
2 months ago

You should have used YOUR freaking words more carefully. What a hypocrite! Were we suppose to feel sorry for your “health issues” you said you were experiencing? Lol! You brought it on yourself. You’re a grown ass adult. Sart acting like it.

LynneLou Weborg
LynneLou Weborg
1 month ago

In my view, first you exaggerated, then you decided it was the other person that was a bully. What Maria said that set you off was a non-issue! You DID start the whole incident and then wouldn’t accept that she didn’t mean her words as an insult. And I didn’t see them that way from the beginning. Then you make yourself sick over it? Shocking! (But if the producers set you up, I apologize.)