Swamp People recap: Don really is a genius, Ashley got stung and Chase’s heart of darkness sojourn

Troy Landry
Troy Landry pits his two sons against each other tonight on Swamp People. Pic credit: History

Swamp People airs tonight, and as we mentioned, some grand themes subtly weave into the everyday hunting and scouting of the series.

A few weeks back, it was the awareness of Daniel Edgar’s mortality, and this week it’s a Cain and Abel deal with Troy Landry. One son is married and pretty responsible, and the other one has been, until now, a wild a**.

Troy pits the two against each other in an episode filled with bull kills.

Airboat armadas were last week’s fun, but now the horrid odiferous bait called beef melt returns and wasp nests are disturbed.

These are some of the highlights of tonight’s sweltering retelling of what all went down.

Day 19 out of 30 days of killing season is highlighted by new and promising areas to hunt. And over in Pierre Part, we see the King of the Swamp, Troy Landry, calling an armada together to get the tags in.

Chase and Jacob are part of the crew. Chase, until now, has been scant this season, showing up as a sniper last week for the Cow Island episode.

Big buddy Terral Evans is paired with Troy. A few weeks ago, he had a break as Troy’s mentor Mr. Sterling took over his spot. As the wildcard deckhand, Don is back with Jacob and the two head over to Grand Lake.

And Chase Michael? He and his rifle are all alone in his gator tail boat heading to remote islands.

Before they all head off, Troy proposes a competition.

The biggest gator catcher will become his favorite son, and the loser is cut out of his will. Jacob seems keen and smiles, but Chase… not so much.

The Moby Hole

Willie Edwards, senior and junior
Little Willie is close to losing a hand here in the Moby Hole with Willie Sr. Pic credit: History

Bayou Sorrel sees the pere et fils, Willie Edwards’ team, hunting a promising new spot called the Moby Hole because the gators are as big as whales, according to Willie Sr.

One on the first hook is a 7-8 footer and not the big gun they were looking for. That doesn’t stop them from trawling and trying.

Oh god. The beef melt is brought back.

That is the nasty innards of a cow left to rot and get all smelly and mushy. It’s worse than smelling death.

As the episode progresses, the wit and wisdom of Willie Senior are on full display. He double hooks a “shiny fish” in the hunt for Moby because this gator is so big that two hooks will be a better guarantee to stick when the massive gator rolls.

Willie and little Willie eventually get their 15-foot behemoth. Y’all, 15 feet! The two hooks paid off big time and Willie x2 done good.

The Heart of Darkness

A contemplative Chase Michael bags a monster and wins the contest. Pic credit: History

Do you all remember when Chase was read the riot act by Troy for wasting expensive bullets sniping at gators with Holey Boley?

Well, since then, Chase has had issues, not good ones either.

He and Jacob have a back-and-forth with Jacob, being the more responsible father and son to Troy, and Chase having some “good time Charlie” moments that slightly impeded his adulting skills.

Now, Chase is a King of the Swamp approved sniper… and he is hunting alone, unlike last week when he was with Troy and Terral.

“I wanna catch the biggest alligator out there,” he says. A floton, or floating land, is what he is up against.

Alligators are the only thing that can cut through it. He spots a monster and snipes. “Smoked him, baby!”

He gets quite philosophical (for Chase Michael Landry) about his love of what he is doing and where he is right now in his life.

It’s all very Joseph Conrad-y at this point as we venture down the river with this reflective solo hunter who has been upside-down at times during this show.

As Chase progresses in the episode, we hear how he learned who he was by hunting alone. It’s a bit of an Apocalypse Now going up the river moment.

He is an ace sniper and bags a Leviathan.

He misses the opportunity but the self-described “hard-headed hunter” ain’t giving up y’all. This episode all felt very metaphorical for Troy’s former problem child.

Pop goes the weasel

Swamp Donkey is thanks to Don who is a genius when it comes to getting things done. Pic credit: History

Trees matter.

Jacob and deckhand Don, who we come to learn really is a bonafide genius, are sucking wind in Grand Lake. Popped lines galore as the Cypress trees they dropped their lines is the wrong kind of tree, too brittle, y’all. But that’s all they got.

Mind you, cypress trees scavenged from the swamp are big money. Frenchy and Gee taught us that.

But all these popped lines are bumming Jacob and Don out. Don, the marshmallow man, has an idea. Jacob braces. “There you go with that bag again,” he says to Don.

And mind you, Don’s bag is like Mary Poppins’ magical bag as he pulls out damned near everything from toothbrushes to bungee cords.

As we revisit them, Don’s bungee cord idea pans out big time.  They get several monsters, and one is called a Swamp Donkey by Jacob, all thanks to the bungee cord trick, and Don is a certified bayou genius.

Never doubt the Don.

Gator Bayou

Ashley and Ronnie
Ronnie loves to hype up the deal and Ashley is always dividing what he says by three… until tonight’s episode. Pic credit: History

Over in Violet, we have the dynamic duo of Ashley Dead Eye Jones and Ronnie.

They revisit an old pre-Katrina honey hole, and its a graveyard of capsized boats. Ronnie swears up and down this elusive spot now barricaded by vegetation is where the big mamous are at.

Ashley is dubious at best.

They venture through a slough and hope to find the opening to the bayou, and the brush is thick. Trouble is waiting, y’all.

Ronnie is imagining how big the gators are after 14 years of being hidden from the rest of the open bayou. They’ve had time to get fat and happy.

Somehow a wasp nest is disturbed in this exploration, and all hell breaks loose. The two are chased back to their boat as Ashley is stung several times.

“You better haul ass outta there Ronnie!” as Ashley is stung. Later she gets the dip right outta Ronnie’s mouth and applies it to her swollen ankle that was savaged by these relentless wasps.

Y’all, I am more afraid of wasps than the gators at this point.

Then a tell-tale jug line that a huge gator snatched and got hooked on is the clue, as the two treble hook it and bag a ten-footer.

Ashley will never doubt Ronnie’s gator hyperbole again. She’s a believer.

And in the end, back at Duffy’s…

“We catchin’ a lot of mature alligators, and that’s something to be proud of,” says Troy. His competition winner? Chase, but Jacob begs to differ.

Troy seems to have both his sons rowing in the same direction now y’all.

See y’all next week!

Swamp People airs Thursdays at 9/8c on History Channel.

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Joseph Karl Houseman
Joseph Karl Houseman
3 years ago

I’m very surprised Jacob hadn’t learned the bungee cord trick. My dad taught me when setting throw lines for big catfish never tie off to something rock solid but find a tree branch or something with a bit of springiness to absorb the shock when the fish makes a run and hit the end of the line. I would have thought all swampers knew that trick.