Susie Evans gives revealing update on rekindling her relationship with Clayton Echard

Clayton Echard and Susie Evans
Susie Evans addresses the possibility of giving her relationship with Clayton Echard another shot. Pic credit: @susiecevans/Instagram

During a recent “Ask Me Anything” segment, Susie Evans opened the floodgates to any Clayton-related questions.

After a messy ending to his season last year, Clayton Echard continued a relationship with contestant Susie outside of the show.

While the two appeared to be going strong, especially through their fun videos on social media, they officially announced their breakup in September of 2022.

On Monday, Susie took to her Instagram Stories with a Q&A to give her loyal followers the opportunity to ask her any questions they may have.

One fan brought up her previous relationship with Clayton, writing, “Any chance of you and Clayton getting back together in the future?”

Susie responded back with a selfie to explain that while she and Clayton still support each other from the sidelines, they are happier now than they were when they were together.

Susie Evans reveals if she would get back together with Clayton Echard

Susie started her response by admitting that her “most asked question” was about a potential rekindling with the former Bachelor.

Getting straight to the point, she replied, “I don’t think either of us have intentions of getting back together. We have so much love and respect for each other.”

“We went through something really intense together last year,” she continued. “I think we both feel grateful for having the other to go through it with but now we are building two different lives.”

Susie Evan Instagram Story
Pic credit: @susiecevans/Instagram

Susie finished her response by saying she and Clayton are both happier and healthier now that they have separated romantically. However, the two have still been able to remain good friends, which they recently showed off in a set of Instagram comments.

Susie and Clayton have friendly conversation after The Bachelor split

Last week, Clayton shared a post of him posing in front of the northern lights while visiting Iceland during his season of The Bachelor.

In his caption, Clayton explained that the photo seemed like an “epiphany” for him during the show, letting him know that “everything was going to be ok.” However, he said that it was coincidentally also taken the same night when everything went “wrong” for him, saying, “I lost my composure and lost myself in the process,” regarding his choices at that time in his journey.

Remembering the experience, Susie commented on Clayton’s post, “I was about to comment ‘triggered’ to troll you [skull emoji] but I am genuinely proud of you and glad that you had a sense of peace and happiness at that time.”

Susie Evans' comment
Pic credit: @claytonechard/Instagram

The two continued to have a heartwarming exchange, with Clayton reassuring Susie that he felt comfortable making the post after they “had their talk.” He also joked that Susie already had her opportunity to “troll” him in the past, and Susie responded by saying her “trolling era will never be over.”

“As long as we are cool, I will troll,” she said.

Susie and Clayton's Instagram exchange
Pic credit: @claytonechard/Instagram

“look at us…who would have thought??” Clayton replied, with Susie then inferring that the two possibly have a joint Halloween costume planned for this year.

The recent exchange between the two was surely heartwarming and left the impression that there has been no animosity between them since announcing their split last year.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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