Clayton struggles to decide between Rachel and Gabby and still can’t get Susie off his mind

Clayton Echard
Clayton Echard is struggling with who he loves the most. Pic credit: ABC

Last night, part one of Clayton Echard’s The Bachelor finale didn’t go quite as he had planned or hoped once again. After he decided to tell both Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia the truth of why Susie Evans was not there anymore, things went downhill quickly.

Clayton revealed to the two remaining women that Susie left because he was in love with, and slept with, both Gabby and Rachel…and her. He assured both of them that he saw a future with each, but he didn’t have the answer on who he wanted by him in the end.

Clayton’s problem is that he is in love with three women, all different, and he just can’t decide whom he loves the most, which is what he told Gabby during a discussion with her after his revelation to the women.

What happened when Clayton revealed to the final two women that he loved both of them and was intimate with both?

As both final two women stormed off in different directions to process what Clayton had told them, he went to find each separately and talk to them.

He told both Gabby and Rachel, “Whatever you need to do, you have the ability to do so.” While he told both Gabby and Rachel this, he still had thoughts of Susie in his mind as well.

While Clayton spoke to Gabby, not only did he tell her he was trying to figure out who he loved the most but who is ultimately the best fit for him and his future. He revealed that “once I make that decision, all the other love, it was real, but it ends there. It didn’t mean I didn’t mean it, I just meant I had a stronger love with somebody else.”

When he talked to Rachel, she said to him that she felt like their time together “wasn’t special” now because of what Clayton said. Clayton went on to state, “The love that I feel for Gabby, it’s different.”

Rachel told him this was “the worst-case scenario … It’s so hard to like understand the love that I feel that you could feel for three people.” She also stated, “I feel like our love is so worth it, but I don’t know if I can handle it.”

Did Rachel and Gabby accept Clayton’s roses at the rose ceremony?

During the rose ceremony, Clayton told the two women he hoped they would stay, but it was their choice on whether or not to accept the rose. Rachel accepted the rose, but Gabby said she couldn’t.

After another discussion with Gabby, she finally decided to stay, but she made it clear that she didn’t want to be in competition for Clayton’s love.

Clayton still can’t get Susie off his mind and told this to his parents

While both women met Clayton’s family, he couldn’t help but want Susie to be there, too, and meet them. He told them, “My heart’s out beyond these walls with Susie … What I had with Susie was very, very special … And it’s not to discredit what I have with Rachel or what I have with Gabby.”

After Clayton told his parents that “Susie is a once in a lifetime kind of woman,” his mom questioned him on why, then, he was intimate with the other two if he felt that way about Susie.

Clayton revealed he wanted to talk to Susie again, and that he just wanted closure.

Does closure mean Clayton has all intentions of saying goodbye to the relationship or does closure mean he doesn’t want to give up Susie and the hopes that they could work things out? Stay tuned for part two of the season finale tonight to see what happens with Clayton and his journey.

The Bachelor airs Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

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