Survivor spoilers: A castaway is sent home, the first juror is revealed, and the Survivor Auction returns

Dee Survivor 45
Dianelys “Dee” Valladares won Survivor 45. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 45 had a busy night, forcing the final 12 castaways to dig deep.

On the latest episode, host Jeff Probst revealed two people would be eliminated.

He also told them that only one person would be going home. The other person would be the first Survivor 45 jury member.

An intense Immunity Challenge set the stage for the episode, with the castaways asked to hold a post for as long as they could.

The 12 castaways were split into two groups of six. One person from each group would win Individual Immunity. But one person from each group would also get voted out.

By the end of the November 8 episode, only ten people were left competing for the $1 million prize.

Who got sent home on Survivor 45?

Nicholas “Sifu” Alsup and Bruce Perreault were at risk when their group lost. And it was Kellie Nalbandian who won safety during the challenge.

Kellie wanted to make sure Bruce stuck around, and she led the charge to vote out Sifu.

By a vote of 5-1, Sifu was voted off of Survivor.

Who is the first member of the Survivor 45 jury?

Dee won Individual Immunity and the overall challenge, netting her group a taco feast at The Sanctuary.

Everyone got to have a nice meal, but then it was back to playing the game. The group was split, with Kaleb Gebrewold and Julie Alley at risk.

Katurah Topps learned that Kaleb and Jake O’Kane had covered to allow Bruce to find an Immunity Idol. And it caused her to lose trust. She turned on them at the vote.

By a vote of 4-2, Kaleb was voted off of Survivor. But he isn’t done yet. Kaleb became the first Survivor 45 jury member.

At the upcoming Tribal Councils, Kaleb gets to listen in on the voting. He will also vote for the Survivor 45 winner on finale night.

The Survivor Auction returns

The Survivor Auction was teased in a preview for the November 15 episode. The castaways got a letter saying something from the past was returning, and then a quick clip showed it was time for the auction.

It has been a while since the Survivor Auction was featured, but it is a fan-favorite segment that has been missed. Now, fans will get to enjoy it again.

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