Survivor 45 footage released early for new episode

Emily Survivor 45
Emily Flippen was an entertaining part of the Survivor 45 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 45 is down to eight people ahead of the new episode.

In the last episode, Kendra McQuarrie got blindsided after she failed to account for people possibly lying about losing their votes. While Austin Li Coon lost his vote, he was able to get it back and sway the Tribal Council.

Kendra had felt safe after enjoying a feast of rotisserie chicken with Julie Alley and Bruce Perreault. But the food may have clouded her judgment, as she was outside the core alliance.

The former Reba Tribe controls Survivor 45. Austin, Julie, Dee Valladares, and Drew Basile have been able to take out three non-Reba players in successive episodes. Their four-person alliance appears almost unstoppable.

Austin also controls two Immunity Idols. Julie held one during the last episode when she might have been in danger, but now Austin has the power back.

Meanwhile, Bruce has won two straight Individual Immunity Challenges, granting him safety and the ability to save his Immunity Idol.

Julie and Drew on Survivor 45, Episode 10

In a teaser for the November 29 episode of Survivor (Season 45, Episode 10), Julie and Drew have a heartfelt discussion on the beach. Julie also touches on how much she has enjoyed her four-person alliance and how the time to turn on each other is coming.

Emily Flippen worries about Reba’s core four alliance

In this next piece of footage, Emily Flippen discusses the Reba Four with Bruce and Keturah Topps.

Emily has worked with Austin and Drew for a while but is smart enough to know she is at the bottom of that alliance. She is the only remaining member of the original Lulu Tribe.

In the scene below, Emily and Keturah each note that they are scared going forward.

Drew is mad at Jake on Survivor 45, Episode 10

In this final sneak peek from Survivor 45, Episode 10, viewers see Drew upset with Jake O’Kane.

Drew is upset that Jake would target him, but Jake is indigent about also being targeted. Drew has been in a safe spot for much of the game, while Jake has received votes at many Tribal Councils.

Ahead of the next Tribal Council, the producers are teasing Drew and Jake as possible targets. We will have to tune in to find out what happens next.

Jeff Probst was shocked by the flash-forward sequence during a recent episode. He didn’t know the scene involving Jake would be part of the night.

Early information on Survivor 46 was also released. The new episodes have already been filmed in Fiji.

Survivor 45 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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