Successful Bachelor in Paradise couples reveal their post-show disguises

Danielle and Michael
Bachelor in Paradise couples reveal the disguises they wore while this season was airing. Pic credit: @dmmaltby/Instagram

Now that the secret’s out, the two successful Season 8 Bachelor in Paradise couples can finally show how they hid their relationship from the world for a few months.

Since there’s a decent gap between the end of filming and airing for all series in the Bachelor franchise, contestants have to keep the show’s results under wraps until the episodes hit viewers’ television screens.

This means that, especially for couples who stay together or get engaged at the end of their season, they must find ways to be sneaky when it comes to seeing each other in order to avoid being recognized.

The easiest way to do so? Dress up in a disguise.

For the two successful relationships on the most recent season of BIP, couples Danielle Maltby and Michael Allio and Serene Russell and Brandon Jones knew exactly what wigs to put on to throw off any speculation.

While Danielle and Michael chose to continue dating in the “real world,” Brandon and Serene got engaged during the show’s finale. Both duos have seemed happier than ever as they are now able to publicly share their love for one another on social media.

Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby share their post-filming wigs

The official Bachelor in Paradise Instagram account first shared a documentary-style clip of Michael and Danielle’s life after leaving the beaches of Paradise together.

The clip showed the couple first sporting short blonde wigs, which was a total switch from Michael’s usually dark brown locks.

The following shot showed Danielle rocking a long, amber-colored wig while Michael wore a disguise that had him resembling John Stamos’ character from Full House.

“You know, I always had a crush on Uncle Jesse,” Danielle even joked as she touched Michael’s wig.

Brandon Jones and Serene Russell join in with their Bachelor in Paradise disguises

After seeing the video of Danielle and Michael showing off their disguises, Brandon and Serene also had to join in on the fun.

Brandon shared a video to his Instagram Stories that showed the two wearing wigs that were completely different from their own hair. The couple laughed while Brandon rocked chin-length, bright red hair, and Serene wore a long, bleach-blonde wig.

“Had to after seeing @dmmaltby & @michael_allio14,” Brandon wrote alongside the video.

Brandon Jones' story
Pic credit: @bmacjones/Instagram

Although most Bachelor in Paradise viewers assumed Brandon and Serene would get engaged and have no problem continuing on outside of Paradise, it’s still fun to see that the two played along and kept the secret.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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