Street Outlaws: Memphis exclusive: It’s Tricia Day versus “Molly” Mallory Gulley

Molly, Tricia
Molly takes on the Heifer and Tricia on Street Outlaws: Memphis. Pic credit: Discovery

On Monday’s fast and furious reality series Street Outlaws: Memphis on Discovery, we have JJ Da Boss flagging two drivers, his wife Tricia – aka Midget – and Molly, part of Team MSO.

Our clip above reveals how Molly is drafted to race against Midget (Tricia) as she has learned a lot from observing her race on how to handle the pressure.

Also, in the episode, JJ invites 32 racers from all over the country to compete in an event called Street Wars — this is a winner-take-all event with a grand prize of $10,000.

The competition is open to everybody who races in their world, even those with pro-mods, so the MSO must focus if they want a shot at the prize.

Who is Tricia Day?

Tricia Day is JJ Da Boss’s second wife.

Her husband’s proper name is Jonathan Day, better known by his street name, JJ Da Boss.

The two have reportedly been married for well over a decade now and together (including some children from JJ’s previous marriage) they have eleven kids (he is just 46).

They made a career of putting it out on the line nightly to scoop up the glory, the sacks of cash, and just trying to stay alive while doing it.

JJ and Tricia truly are larger than life characters.

Who is JJ Da Boss?

The star of Street Outlaws has natural star quality and leads the pack for Team MSO.

This showman is a producer, entrepreneur, custom car builder, and promoter extraordinaire, as his “rags to rods” spin on himself is told with a great flourish on his website.

The bio describes JJ as: “Always, country, poor and Happy. He was the only child of a pentecostal mother. JJ grew up in the streets at an early age gambling, hustling anything to earn a few dollars…He was driving and racing at the age of 10 on dirt and gravel roads around Mississippi County.”

Who is Molly on Street Outlaws: Memphis?

Molly, Tricia
Molly takes on the Heifer and Tricia on Street Outlaws: Memphis. Pic credit: Discovery

Molly’s real name is Mallory Gulley, and she races for JJ Da Boss and Team MSO.

Her Instagram feed is full of photos of her at the race track and her friends in the street racing world.

A native of Arkansas, Molly also models at her family’s online sports apparel business, KEG Motorsports. Mallory started her professional career at a very young age, likely thanks to her father, Kenneth, the owner of Gulley Bail Bonds, who also owns KEG Towing.

The two are immersed in the racing business and cars. Eventually, Molly crossed paths with JJ Da Boss, the most prominent player in the street racing industry.

She has raced for JJ for several seasons now of the hit series Street Outlaws: Memphis.

Street Outlaws: Memphis airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on Discovery Channel.

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Roxanne Doggett
Roxanne Doggett
3 years ago

Omg gf I admire what u do your so hot and amazing

Roxanne Doggett
Roxanne Doggett
3 years ago

I admire and respect what u do your amazing and hot