Steven’s ex-girlfriend spilled the tea at the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Tell All and fans reacted

Alina, Steven, and Steven's ex Vanessa
Steven was exposed even more for his bad behavior by his ex-girlfriend Vanessa and 90 Day viewers reacted to her. Pic credit: TLC

Steven spoke openly during the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Tell All about his gross transgressions against Alina where he said he sent sexual messages back to nine women who had messaged him after he and Alina got into a fight.

He also detailed how he had many sexual urges, felt repressed, and wanted Alina to give him a threesome.

Things took an even more interesting turn when his ex-girlfriend, Vanessa, came on stage after a clip was played of Steven meeting up with her for advice right before he went to Turkey to meet Alina. The clip ended with Vanessa calling him out for his shortcomings and saying she never wanted contact with him again after he inappropriately messaged her while he was with Alina.

Vanessa condemned Steven’s behavior, revealed that he cheated on her and had sex with three women, and gracefully warned Alina that Steven has gotten worse and that it wasn’t too late for her to get out of the relationship.

The Tell All viewers loved what Vanessa exposed and had to say about Steven and took to social media react.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers reacted to Steven Johnston’s ex-girlfriends comments

Steven’s ex-girlfriend Vanessa exposed Steven’s past cheating and spoke on his dangerous and selfish behavior.

Everything she said resonated with The Other Way viewers who thought her screen time at the Tell All was very valuable.

One popular 90 Day fan page made a meme out of her segment and used an altered still of Shaun asking Vanessa, “What first attracted you to SteVen?”

Under that, they had Vanessa responding, “Well I was going through a crisis.”

In the comments section of the post, more 90 Day viewers reacted to Vanessa and how they think Steven acted.

One viewer exclaimed, “She’s another sweet girl! Steven plays on their vulnerabilities.”

Another person remarked, “Yeah he’s after the vulnerable types before because he feels superior.”

Someone else wrote, “master manipulator. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was telling women that he was a prophet from ‘church’.”

IG comments
Pic credit: @morebiggy/Instagram

On Twitter, someone used a still image of Vanessa telling Steven when they met up, “Steven, I’m not your teacher on your path to manhood.”

They captioned the tweet, “Vanessa (clapping hands emoji) the voice of reason at the Tell All.”

Alina Shaimardanova said she would give Steven Johnston another chance

Alina ignored all the red flags in her relationship with Steven and went against the advice of her friends and family to marry him only to be faced with his transgressions and feelings of embarrassment.

Despite the gross nature of Steven’s continued offenses against her, Alina has opted to give him another chance and said she feels like she just can’t walk away.

Steven said the humiliation of the Tell All will hopefully give him the push he needs to act right.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Tell All is currently on hiatus.

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2 years ago

Good sob story to get on TV Vanessa….you had no business butting into Steven and Alina’s relationship..and kudo’s to Alina for not giving up on her marriage, and to Steven for realizing he has a problem and going agreeing to go to a psychiatrist. Sexual addiction is an addiction and it’s no more or no less an addiction than any other addiction. So everybody that thinks he’s so horrible think again and look in your own closet, and see how many bones fall out! People need to mind their own business. And TLC is getting worse and worse, by allowing Shaun to purposely bring up crap that doesn’t need to be brought up, it seems like they’re trying their best to get these couples to break up and then say “good luck to you both” that’s BS!