Steven Johnston and Alina Shaimardanova both get drastic new haircuts

Alina Shaimardanova and Steven Johnston
Steven Johnston and Alina Shaimardanova debuted a new look. Pic credit: @alina.otherway/Instagram

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couple Steven Johnston and Alina Shaimardanova recently stepped out together after having hair makeovers.

The Other Way viewers and the couple’s social media followers have gotten used to seeing Steven with his naturally blonde hair long around and passed his shoulders. Alina has traditionally styled her brunette hair parted in the middle and down in its natural waves.

Through Alina’s Instagram page, she first shared an image of herself with her 88.3k followers that was a mirror selfie.

Alina had a closed-mouth smirk with reddish lips as she debuted a new look with bangs and her hair slightly shorter. Alina’s still-brunette hair fell around her shoulders, and she had wispy bangs in the front but seemed to still part her hair in the middle.

The second and final photo of the slide was another mirror picture, only this time Steven joined her. Alina was smiling with her new ‘do as Steven stood smiling next to her while showing off that he had gone totally short with his hair.

Steven was rocking a look that was long on top and shorter on the sides, which was a big change from his previously untamed hair look.

In the caption, Alina wrote, “Exciting experiments?✂️?.”

Did Steven Johnston and Alina Shaimardanova move?

Another interesting part of Alina’s post was that it was geotagged in Seoul, South Korea.

While Steven and Alina were on Season 3 of The Other Way, they met in Turkey, got married there, and have been carrying on their newly married life there.

Their original plan was to move to Alina’s native Russia while she finished school, but as the couple reported on their YouTube channel, they decided to stay in Turkey.

All of Alina and Steven’s posts for a while now have been in Turkey, and the pair have seemed to be enjoying traveling around the country they’ve been calling home.

With Steven and Alina’s latest geotag in South Korea, it could mean that they have started another chapter somewhere new, although they have not opened up about that yet.

Steven Johnston was a controversial figure on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

The Other Way viewers learned that Steven had broken his Mormon vows of chastity while Alina thought they were in an exclusive relationship. He also expected her to uphold her chastity.

Furthermore, during the Tell All, Steven admitted to sending inappropriate sexual messages to nine different women. He also detailed his sexual urges and desire to have a threesome with Alina.

Alina forgave him, and the topic has not been talked about publically by either one since.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is currently on hiatus.

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