Steve Moy and Chris Collette share their first impression of Olajuwon Dickerson

Steve Moy
Steve and Chris recall the first time they met Olajuwon. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 14 has introduced a lot of strong personalities, with MAFS husband Olajuwon Dickerson being one of the strongest. 

Olajuwon has acknowledged that he doesn’t always make the best first impression with people as it takes people time to really understand his character. 

Afterparty host Keisha Knight Pulliam posed a question to her guests, Chris Collette and Steve Moy, about whether their first impression of Olajuwon Dickerson was positive or negative and both men gave their honest answers. 

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Steve Moy talks Olajuwon Dickerson’s ‘high intense energy’

On the latest episode of Married at First Sight, Katina’s friends admitted to having some reservations about Olajuwon. A few of Katina’s friends felt Olajuwon made a questionable first impression by talking too much and revealing that he’d never been in a serious relationship with a Black woman. 

During Afterparty, Keshia asked Katina if Olajuwon often makes iffy first impressions and Katina explained that he does because he has a big personality so you either like him or you don’t. 

This led Keshia to ask Steve and Chris what their first impression of Olajuwon was. 

Steve shared, “So on our first meeting, all four of us, besides Olajuwon, were there. We were all talking, hanging out. And then he came in and he just came with this high energy, high intense energy.”

Steve continued, “There was this instant dynamic shift. It was like, ‘Ok Olajuwon’s here.’ You know at first glance it’s like, ‘Alright is he gonna be a lot?’ But then he was always so thoughtful and caring, with, you know, the way he approached people.”

Recalling an experience with Olajuwon at their Bachelor party, Steve expressed, “One of the first things I remember at the Bachelor party is, I didn’t want to do shots, and [Olajuwon] was like ‘Hey take a shot!’ and I’m like ‘No thanks’ and I thought, you know, my impression was that he was gonna be like ‘Dude, come on just take it’ but he was like ‘Oh you don’t want to take it?’ He goes ‘Get over here. We’re still cheersing. Just bring whatever you’re drinking. I don’t care’ And I’m like, alright, this guy’s a genuine guy. He’s pretty sweet.”

Chris Collette met Olajuwon Dickerson before they were matched on Married at First Sight 

Chris gushed about Olajuwon as he revealed the two had met prior to being cast on the show. 

Chris stated, “You know when I first met him, I actually ran into him randomly before we ever got matched. We just happened to show up at the same place at the same time. And we were like ‘Are you here for that thing?’ And we sort of bonded for a sec and I was like ‘oh that guy’s great.’”

Chris continued, “And then when all five of us met for the first time with the guys, Olajuwon was the last one to come in and I said out loud, ‘I hope that’s the fifth guy who comes in. Because he’s great. I hope he’s the guy cuz he seemed like he would’ve brought so much positivity and enthusiasm to the process.’ And then he walked in and he made my day so…”

Fortunately, it seems Olajuwon made a good impression on Chris and Steve, and Katina revealed that her family and friends eventually warmed up to him too.  

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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