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Stephanie Matto’s friend Heather blasts hater who dropped nasty message in her DMs

Heather shares message from hater on her IG page
Stephanie Matto’s friend, Heather puts hater on blast. Pic credit:TLC

Not everyone has moved on from the 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Tell All.

Just ask Stephanie Matto’s friend Heather, who is still getting hate on social media after her short stint on the reunion.

Viewers have not yet forgotten about her rude behavior on the show.

Heather talked over people, threw F bombs, and came off as very defensive as she discussed the relationship between Erika Owens and Stephanie Matto.

Soon enough, Heather will be long forgotten, but for now, fans are still having a go at her on social media.

Heather, however, is putting them on blast.

Heather shares a comment from hater

Heather has received  a lot of hateful comments on her social media posts, but she’s now revealing that she gets hateful messages sent to her DMs as well.

She recently shared one such comment in her Instagram stories for the rest of her followers to see, sending a message to her haters that she has no problem putting them on blast.

The person in question referred to Heather as “ugly” and told her to ” grow the F@*k up.”

Heather explained that she didn’t even have the chance to respond to the hater- the Instagram user in question blocked her immediately after sending the nasty note.

Heather puts a hater on blast
Pic credit:@heaatherrjadee/Instagram

Stephanie’s friend has been fielding a lot of similar sentiments from viewers ever since her embarrassing appearance on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Tell All.

Heather blames her behavior on editing

Heather has since issued a series of lengthy messages explaining her behavior on the show.

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She said that they taped hours of footage but TLC chose to use only the clips that were the most dramatic.

She also wrote that the network “took a bunch of mashed up clips, jokes even (I’m Italian) and put them in an order they found entertaining.”

In her five-page message –which she posted to Instagram a few days after part 3 of the Tell All- Heather says ” I apologized right after filming about how it went, because I did feel badly for what they wanted from me.”

She added, “I was there to stir the pot. Frankly, it would have been a bore to watch otherwise.”

Ultimately though, Heather made it clear that she is not embarrassed by her behavior and she does not regret accepting the invitation to be a part of the Tell All.

She adds that despite the way things turned out, she  was proud to be there to support her best friend Stephanie.

90 Day Fiance:Before the 90 Days is now on hiatus on TLC.

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