Southern Charm’s Olivia Flowers reveals the ‘timeline’ is the biggest mystery in Taylor Ann Green and Austen Kroll hookup

Olivia Flowers in her car on Southern Charm
Olivia Flowers isn’t in contact with Taylor Ann Green. Pic credit: Bravo

Southern Charm Season 9 has focused heavily on Taylor Ann Green and Austen Kroll.

Before the season premiere, Craig Conover teased a Scandoval-esque event but didn’t elaborate. However, we learned things progressed beyond friendship between Taylor and Austen after the Season 8 reunion.

Taylor and Shep Rose had split, and things between Olivia Flowers and Austen were rocky.

Things between Olivia and Taylor aren’t the same following the revelation that Austen and Taylor had a sleepover. Shep didn’t react as badly as Olivia, and things have changed for the girls since then.

During an appearance on Nick Viall’s The Viall Files podcast, Olivia talked about the situation with Taylor and why things couldn’t be resolved.

The situation between the Southern Charm girls won’t be easily fixed.

Olivia Flowers talks ‘timeline’ of Austen Kroll and Taylor Ann Green hookup

While discussing the Austen Kroll and Taylor Ann Green situation, Olivia discussed the “timeline,” or the lack thereof.

The Southern Charm star said, “That was the most hurtful part of it all: Thinking how many conversations were going on between Taylor and I just to know that at the same time, she was also trying to figure out her feelings for him.”

Everything is confusing because Austen and Taylor have changed their story several times. The timeline is fuzzy at best, something the blonde beauty recognizes.

“That’s the missing character in this season – the timeline,” she said.

Taylor keeps saying the situation with Austen happened when Olivia was in California. She was there for three or four days after the Season 8 reunion and the rocky patch between her and Austen. All the while, Taylor had been a mess at the reunion, calling out Shep Rose and getting hysterical about their breakup.

Olivia Flowers confirms she has ‘lost contact’ with Taylor Ann Green

2023 has been a challenging year for Olivia Flowers and Taylor Ann Green. The Austen Kroll situation wasn’t the worst thing for either of them.

Earlier this year, while filming Season 9, Olivia lost her brother, Conner Flowers. After the season wrapped, Taylor lost her brother, Worth.

The two reconnected after Worth’s passing because Olivia knew what Taylor was going through. However, the two lost contact once things began airing, and the situation with Austen came back up.

Olivia said, “I reached out to her obviously when her brother passed and went to her house and spent time with her there, cause I did want her to know above everything else that is most important, and I do want to be here for you. And then stuff started bubbling back up, and we just lost contact.”

Southern Charm airs Thursdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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