Southern Charm star Taylor Ann Green takes ‘full responsibility’ for Austen Kroll situation

Taylor Ann Green on Southern Charm
Taylor Ann Green revealed she started everything with Austen Kroll. Pic credit: Bravo

Southern Charm has been dealing with a Scandoval-esque situation during Season 9.

Taylor Ann Green shared some moments with Austen Kroll, seemingly wrecking things between her and Olivia Flowers.

Things aren’t as intense for the Charmers as they were for the Vanderpump Rules crew, but as the episodes continue to air, things look worse for Taylor and Austen.

During the more recent episode of Southern Charm, Taylor told JT that she was the one who initiated things between herself and Austen — and she caught him off-guard.

Their rendezvous caused a possibly permanent break in the friendship between Taylor and Olivia because, when it happened, there were talks about Olivia and Austen getting back together.

The timing of the events happened roughly a year ago, and rehashing everything as the season airs has caused even more chaos for the Charmers.

Taylor Ann Green admits she needed a therapist after her split from Shep Rose

Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green split between when Season 8 of Southern Charm wrapped and the reunion was filmed.

Taylor was angry during the reunion taping, and it was clear she wasn’t over the relationship she built with Shep — but had already moved back into his partying lifestyle.

While talking to JT during their lunch in the park, she admitted she should have found a therapist after things with Shep went south.

Later, in a confessional, Taylor admitted her kiss with Austen was to get back at Shep. Unfortunately, because she was so one-sided in her perspective, she possibly lost her best friend.

Will Taylor Ann Green and Olivia Flowers reconcile?

It’s been a tough year for Taylor Ann Green and Olivia Flowers outside of their cracking friendship.

Olivia’s brother, Conner Flowers, passed away while Southern Charm Season 9 was filming. As the news spread among the friend group, some scenes were caught on film and shared during earlier episodes this season.

And after filming for Season 9 wrapped, Taylor’s brother, Worth Green, passed away. The friends both experienced the same loss while estranged from their friendship.

It doesn’t seem likely the women will ever return to where they were in their friendship/sisterhood. They both attended BravoCon earlier this month, and it doesn’t seem that much has changed since Season 9 was filmed.

The Season 9 reunion filming is coming soon, and there will be more to hash out, especially after the Charmers have watched most of the season back at this point.

Southern Charm airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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