Southern Charm spoilers: Taylor crosses a line after name-dropping Olivia’s brother

Olivia Flowers on Southern Charm
Olivia is stunned by what comes out of Taylor’s mouth on Southern Charm. Pic credit: Bravo

The Southern Charm drama continues in Jamaica.

Taylor Ann Green and Austen Kroll have been the talk of nearly the entire season, and at 14 episodes in, that continues.

As the group dinner turns into a massive disaster, Taylor makes sure to pile it on while denying anything more than a kiss happened between her and Austen.

When it gets to the part where the two had consulted with their families about a possible relationship between them — things get even worse.

Olivia Flowers has been devastated by the betrayal of her best friend and one-boyfriend. It’s been compounded by the fact that her brother, Conner Flowers, passed away amid filming and the drama with her and Taylor.

And, as the drama at dinner continues, Taylor crosses a line she may never be able to come back from.

Taylor Ann Green says something terrible amid an argument with Olivia Flowers

As Taylor Ann Green recalls what happened when she and Austen Kroll discussed their possible relationship, she revealed she went to her brother, Worth Green.

Taylor said, “I had a moment, ‘Who do I go to? My confidant, my brother.”

She continued, “I love and adore him, as I know that you love and adored your brother.”

And that’s when the entire group was stunned for a moment.

Venita Aspen spoke up, saying, “Don’t do that,” and JT made excuses for Taylor in his confessional, revealing she didn’t mean harm and it was a “slip of the tongue.”

However, Olivia Flowers wasn’t buying it. She believes what Taylor said was intentional.

Olivia took to her confessional, “Before all of this stuff, I would genuinely feel like Taylor didn’t really mean how it came out. But now, she’s pretty much crossed a line. I don’t see her, like, being able to come back from saying that.”

Southern Charm Season 9 reunion is coming up

Only a few more episodes of Season 9 of Southern Charm left before the reunion hits the airwaves.

With so much to discuss after the season has been watched, there will be plenty of moments where confrontations could happen.

Taylor Ann Green and Olivia Flowers have yet to repair their friendship. However, when Taylor’s brother Worth died earlier this year, Olivia did offer support.

Also, there have been rumors of new boyfriends in the mix, so that will likely be a topic of conversation, as everyone knows Andy Cohen wants all the details.

Southern Charm airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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