Sonja Morgan called Heather Thomson a liar for this Not All Diamonds and Rosé claim but there’s proof it happened

Sonja Morgan called Heather Thomson from RHONY a liar
Sonja Morgan called Heather Thomson a liar but it turns out she may have been telling the truth. Pic credit: Bravo

Not All Diamonds and Rosé was just released last week and it’s already stirring up quite a bit of drama. The latest comes from Sonja Morgan, who had some pretty shocking claims made about places where she’s had cigarettes inserted.

In the book, Heather Thomson talked about Sonja’s wild partying and how she let men “put lit cigarettes in her vagina.”

It didn’t take long for Sonja Morgan to speak up about Heather’s claims that are printed in the book, calling her fellow RHONY star a liar. But now, Page Six has found footage of Sonja herself admitting that the cigarette incident did actually happen.

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Here’s what Heather Thompson said about Sonja Morgan

“That’s actually when I turned on Sonja, because I had literally carried that woman home,” Thomson is quoted as saying in Not All Diamonds and Rosé. “I had scraped her off carpets. I had taken her out of a vestibule where she was letting guys put lit cigarettes in her vagina.”

She continued, “I had done so much for that woman. And here we are, waiting to go to Atlantic City. We all arrived at her house, but the limo wasn’t there yet. And it was raining out. Well, she would not let us in.”

It was in the comments section of an Instagram post sharing Heather’s claim about Sonja that she responded, writing “Liar liar pants on fire.”

Pic credit: @facesbybravo/Instagram

Sonja Morgan video about cigarette incident found

While Sonja Morgan probably would want to deny that such an incident happened, there is proof that it did. And that proof came via Sonja herself.

In a vlog shared by Million Dollar Listing’s Josh Flagg, he and Sonja discuss some of the wild things they’ve done. That’s when Josh recalls, “Remember that one time at the townhouse? I stuck a Parliament up her vagina once.”

“We woke up the next morning and there were so many cigarettes lying around…” Sonja chimed in.

Then Josh doubled down and said, “I mean literally I stuck a cigarette up her vagina.”

You can watch the conversation play out between Sonja and Josh right at the five-minute mark on the video below.

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So it looks like Heather Thomson wasn’t making up her outrageous claim about Sonja Morgan, who has come a long way over the years, and the cigarette in Not All Diamonds and Rosé after all.

The Real Housewives of New York is currently on hiatus.

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