sMothered returns for Season 5 with four new duos — check out the trailer

sMothered stars Catherine and Gabby press photos
sMothered returns with new cast members. Pic credit: TLC

Just when we started to think sMothered was never coming back, TLC released a trailer for the new season.

You can expect the same type of cringe-worthy, and more often than not, TMI moments that the show is known for, but they’ve taken things up a notch this time.

We spotted a few familiar faces in the trailer, but four new duos are also in the mix.

That means some of the alums you know and love are not featured this season. Cher Gopman and her mom, Dawn, are noticeably missing, and so are Angelica and her mom, Sunhe.

However, the new cast members bring the heat with synchronized hobby horsing and a mother and daughter who give each other vagacials.

Season 5 also features the show’s first mother-in-law and son-in-law, and as usual, nothing is off limits with these close-knit pairs.

sMothered Season 5 introduces new cast members

Viewers will see some new faces on sMothered — two of them being pageant queens Catherine, 56, and her daughter Gabriella, 23, from Clinton, CT.

They drink healing celery juice multiple times daily, soak in celery baths together, and design matching wardrobes. Gabriella’s mind is set on winning the Miss Connecticut USA title like her mom did in her early 20s, but is she focused enough to take the crown?

Another pair of newbies is Eva and Sunnie from Houston, Texas. This close-knit mother-and-daughter relationship involves bizarre routines such as shaving each other’s armpits and giving each other facials down there.

The show also features India, 59, and her son-in-law Trevor, 37, from Atlanta, Georgia.

This odd pair wears matching outfits and eats from each other’s mouths. India even has dentures made from a mold of Trevor’s mouth so that they’ll have the same smile!

Their closeness is especially disturbing to Trevor’s pregnant wife and India’s daughter, DeLeesa. She gives her husband an ultimatum: It’s either her or her mom.

Meanwhile, Sky, a choreographer, dancer, and singer, and her 19-year-old daughter Skylar are connected at the hip.

Sky once had dreams of being the next Beyonce, but now the momager has her sights set on catapulting Skylar to superstardom no matter what.

Mother-daughter duo Kathy and Cristina are back for another season

Kathy, and Cristina from Norridge, Illinois, are back for another season, and the larger-than-life Italian duo is still as close as ever.

Kathy is turning 65 this year and fears her life is about to end, so she wants a unique birthday party at a funeral home.

Meanwhile, Cristina is concerned that her mom might be battling a health issue and is scared to find out the truth.

Another familiar duo, Mary and Brittani from Florida, has taken up synchronized hobby horsing as exercise.

Their close-knit relationship is threatened when Brittani’s boyfriend TJ comes into the mix, but Mary is convinced he is not the right guy for her daughter.

Little does she know that Brittani and TJ are keeping a secret from her.

Smothered premieres Tuesday, December 12 at 10/9c on TLC.

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