Exclusive: sMothered star Cher Gopman announces big move plus talks close relationship with her mom

sMothered star CHer Gopman close-up
Cher Gopman shares exciting news in exclusive interview. Pic credit: TLC

Cher Gopman and Dawn Hubster are the adorable mother-daughter duo on the hit show sMothered, and we recently sat down the half of the twosome.

Cher shared some exclusive news with Monsters and Critics that is sure to make her mom very happy, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

We dished about Season 5 of the popular TLC show, which featured some tense moments between Cher’s mom and her husband, Jared.

During our chat, she gave an update on their relationship.

We also got into the most shocking moment of the season, which left Dawn soaking wet after being pushed into a pool by Cher’s mother-in-law.

Where do things stand between the two women today? Well, Cher didn’t shy away from that topic, plus she revealed so much more during our fun chat.

sMothered star Cher Gopman says she’s moving to a farm in Florida

The TLC star excitedly told us that things are about to get a lot more interesting because Cher, her husband, Jared, and their daughter, Belle, are moving to a farm.

“We’re getting our own plot of l; we’re leaving the city,” announced Cher. “We are throwing my heels away, I’m getting some farm boots, and we are starting our own little farm, which I’m super excited about.”

This is only an exciting venture for the trio but for Dawn as well because Cher and her family will only be a few minutes away from her Florida home.

“I feel like she will be coming over to my house wearing her heels… it’s gonna be an adventure for her,” Cher laughed.

Cher Gopman says things are good between her husband and her mom

Cher’s husband, Jared, was also a topic of conversation, as we’ve witnessed a few tense moments between him and Dawn over the years.

Jared has expressed that the outspoken Dawn has too much input in their lives. However, things have taken a turn for the better between Jared and his mother-in-law.

“I feel like they’ve been doing really well together,” revealed the sMothered star. “My mom comes, and she helps all the time with my daughter, which my husband sees is super helpful.”

Another happy relationship update is that although Dawn was shoved into a pool by Jared’s mom last season, there’s no bad blood between the two women.

“Things are getting better,” said Cher, “But it was definitely a moment where we were like, ‘Whoa, we all gotta take a step back here,’ cause that was just, that was crazy.”

Check out more of our exclusive interview with Cher Gopman below:

sMothered is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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