Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown looking for job in an unexpected place

Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown
Sister Wives stars shows interest in working at an unexpected place. Pic credit: @ysabelpaigebrown/Instagram

Sister Wives star Ysabel Brown seemed eager to try new things in 2021. The past couple of years have been quite difficult for the daughter of Kody and Christine Brown. But she managed to make things work thanks to her loving family.

After being diagnosed with scoliosis in 2018, things have been challenging for Ysabel. Her condition definitely had an impact on her and the Brown family, but the brave young woman is not letting her spine problem stop her from living her life to the fullest.

Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown wants to work in a warehouse district

Looks like Ysabel Paige Brown started the new year feeling more positive. The Sister Wives star took to Instagram earlier this week and hinted at a potential side gig.

The daughter of Christine and Kody Brown shared a photo of herself in front of a warehouse district. Fans were quick to ask why she’s there as they find it odd for her to be in such a place.

Sister Wives star Ysabel revealed she was “Hoping for a job opportunity,” which surprised her followers. Many were convinced that the reality star is trying to help her family who has been struggling financially.

Previously, it was reported that Kody Brown is faced with debt that accumulated over time. The financial situation of the family has been extra hard– especially at a time like this.


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Kody Brown’s debt taking a toll on the family?

It seems Kody Brown continues to face money woes and it’s taking a toll on the family. The Sister Wives star reportedly owes over $3,000 in taxes for their Arizona home. He also owes around $2,000 in taxes for his property called Coyote Pass.

Aside from tax debt, the family is also dealing with medical expenses for Ysabel’s scoliosis. Despite their financial struggle, they remain positive. They also work together to resolve their problems as a family.


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Sister Wives: Christine Brown hustles hard for extra cash

Although Sister Wives has had a successful run for 14 seasons, the Brown family doesn’t seem to make a lot of money from it. Their financial woes continue even after filming the show.

Fortunately, Kody’s wives have other means to make money on the side. They utilize their social media presence to earn some extra cash. Meri Brown, in particular, sells LuLaRoe clothing online. She also operates a famous bed and breakfast called Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.


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His other wife, Janelle, also uses social media in her healthcare coaching business. She’s also offering personalized video greetings on Cameo. Christine, on the other hand, uses her platform to do paid advertisements. As for Robyn, she used to have a jewelry business but is now inactive.

Now, people are wondering if Ysabel’s eagerness to work at a warehouse district is her way to help with her family’s financial problems. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the Sister Wives star push through with it for the sake of her family.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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juanita diamond
juanita diamond
3 years ago

Maybe Kody should get off his butt and get a real job and stop living off these ladys, they can all do so much better. I NEVER see or hear of him working anywhere, makeing babys is NOT a job, is he wanting his so called family to always suport him, FOR LIFE, get real and be a REAL MAN and do right by your familys
Ladys get real and look at Kody for what he really is to you all, NOTHING, he just likes sleeping around and makeing more babys that he can NOT afford tp support