Sister Wives viewers call out Kody Brown for not knowing how old his daughter is

Kody Brown of Sister Wives confessional
Kody came under fire from Sister Wives viewers after the October 16 episode. Pic credit: TLC

Kody Brown referred to one of his kids as the wrong age, and Sister Wives fans criticized him for it.

During the Sunday, October 16 episode of Sister Wives, Kody and his now ex-wife Christine Brown continued their discussion about splitting and how to break the news to their youngest biological child, Truely.

While sorting out how and when to drop the bomb on Truely, Kody called his daughter the wrong age.

“Yeah, it’s not crap I want her to have to deal with at 10 years old,” Kody told Christine, who promptly corrected him, saying, “I know. 11, but she’s a smart kid.”

After the episode, angry Sister Wives viewers took to Twitter, calling out the 53-year-old polygamist.

One Twitter user captioned a screenshot from the scene: “When you pretend to care for your daughter but can’t remember how old she is!”

Sister Wives critics slam Kody Brown for not knowing daughter Truely’s age

Another Twitter user pointed out that Kody didn’t know Truely’s age, while another noted that Kody wants 50/50 custody of his and Christine’s youngest child yet doesn’t even know how old she is.

“Kody said, ’10 years old.’ Christine said, ’11.'” tweeted another one of Kody’s critics.

sister wives viewers bash kody brown on twitter
Pic credit: @Alexoo4/@G_P_TV/@TanaPooh04/Twitter

With 18 kids between his three wives and one ex-wife, it’s easy to see how Kody could forget the ages of all his children. In addition to the six biological children Kody shares with Christine, he also shares one child with Meri, six with Janelle, and five with Robyn, three of whom he legally adopted.

Christine Brown is living her best life since splitting from Kody

As viewers watched on Sunday night, Christine eventually told Truely that they were moving to Utah because she and Kody were getting (spiritually) divorced. Truely didn’t take the news well and resorted to her room to cry, a moment that Christine deemed one of the toughest in her life.

This season, Sister Wives viewers see how the end of Christine and Kody’s marriage came to be. After years of being unhappy, Christine finally decided to take matters into her own hands and return to Utah, where supportive family members would surround her and Truely. Christine hasn’t regretted her decision one bit, and she continues to live her best life while navigating her journey as a newly single, monogamous woman.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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