Sister Wives stars Janelle and Christine Brown caught trash-talking Kody and Robyn

Christine and Janelle Brown
Christine and Janelle Brown recently attended a Plexus convention together. Pic credit: @janellebrown117/Instagram

There doesn’t seem to be any love lost between Sister Wives stars as Janelle and Christine Brown were overheard talking about their former sister wives, Meri and Robyn Brown, and they had nothing good to say.

Christine and Janelle are still very close despite separating themselves from Kody Brown and his current wife, Robyn. They don’t have anything to do with Meri anymore, either.

So it’s not shocking that they have some negative feelings about all three of them. What is surprising, though, is that they’re openly talking about their disdain in places where fans of the show can hear them.

It all went down several days ago when the pair were in Nashville. Also along for the ride were Christine’s fiance, David Woolley, and Janelle’s daughter, Maddie Brush.

They were in town for a Plexus convention, as both Janelle and Christine have been shilling the MLM.

The group was spotted enjoying themselves and having quite the vent sesh while dining for hours at a Nashville bar on Father’s Day. And based on the conversation overheard, it makes sense that Christine went hard for David on Father’s Day and snubbed Kody, not even mentioning his contribution at all.

Christine Brown says Kody Brown is ‘stressing her out’

Christine, Janelle, David, and Maddie were said to have spent nearly three hours dining and in deep conversation about their former family, with an insider telling the U.S. Sun that her ex-husband has been “stressing her out.”

While the insider didn’t go into detail despite reporting that the conversation was intense and long, we can safely assume that part of Christine’s stress stems from Kody’s disapproval of their daughter Truely living in a home with another man.

Christine and David, now engaged, currently live together in Utah with Truely, her youngest and only minor child.

They seem to be living their best life as Christine gushed about David in a sweet Father’s Day post where she praised her new man for “showing up,” which seemed to be some heavy shade lobbed at Kody, considering he didn’t even show up when their daughter, Ysabel, had major surgery two years ago.

Meri Brown was discussed as well

While it was reported that the Sister Wives stars were busy discussing “dad” Kody and his only current wife, Robyn, it was also said that the group had a lot to say about Meri, too — and none of it was good.

Meri was seemingly the last holdout in terms of Kody’s wives leaving him sans Robyn, who likely never will walk away.

She recently made a trip to London, where she said she wanted to meet a lot of guys.

As far as getting along with her former sister wives, she doesn’t. It’s no secret that she and Janelle have had a strained relationship over the years, often arguing over trivial things.

Christine has also complained about the way Meri treated her, and while she has a close relationship with Janelle, she isn’t hanging out with Meri.

Sister Wives fans recently even suggested Meri should apologize to Christine because, after all, it was Christine who left Kody first, giving Meri and Janelle the motivation to do the same.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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