Sister Wives star Meri Brown is feeling ‘stronger, more powerful’ on her 51st birthday

Sister Wives star Meri Brown
Meri Brown is feeling like a better woman on her 51st birthday. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is feeling like a more “powerful” version of herself after celebrating her 51st birthday.

Meri shared her positive outlook and her goals for this year with her fans.

Taking to Instagram, Meri shared several photos of herself and some with friends, along with her message.

Sister Wives star Meri Brown debuts ‘Meri 5.1’ in honor of her birthday

“Meet Meri 5.1!” the Sister Wives star captioned her birthday post, written in the third person. “The newest version, the most up to date model, more powerful, stronger, and able to handle all that’s thrown at her.”

Meri continued to speak of the improvements she’s made in her life, “She’s been around for a while, but every version is a little better, a little more dynamic, a little more energetic, a little more influential.”

“She has the capacity for greatness, abundance and strength. She’s got visions, dreams, and goals, and is on a trajectory to hit them all, and then some. She feels deeply, loves completely, and gives freely. She’s ready to conquer!”

Meri also mentioned that she had an “amazing” weekend spending time with her favorite people, although missing those who couldn’t make it, whom she didn’t name.

“This birthday weekend has been amazing!” Meri added. “Things turned out a bit different than originally planned, but isn’t that just the way life goes sometimes?”

“I got to spend a few amazing days with some of my favorite people, sorely missed those who couldn’t make it, emotions were processed, plans were made, ideas were created. 51 isn’t a bad thing at all. Watch out 2022, I’m comin’ for you!! ???”

Mariah Brown and fiancee Audrey share sweet birthday post to honor Meri

Meri also received a sweet birthday post from her daughter Mariah and her fiancée, Audrey, shared via Lizzie’s Heritage Inn’s Instagram page.

Mariah shared a pic of her mom posing with her chin on her fist and a closed-mouth smile in the forest, in front of a fire.

“Happy Birthday to this incredible woman! ?,” Mariah and Audrey’s post read in the caption.

“Meri does everything in her life with such fire and purpose. She loves and cares so deeply and we are so grateful for her today and every day! ☺️ Grandma is definitely looking down on you with love and pride.”

“Thank you for sharing this home and it’s magic with us, we love you so so so so much! ? Love, Mariah and Audrey.”

Meri loves interacting with her fans on Instagram and recently, her estranged husband Kody Brown made an appearance during one of her live videos during a Friday with Friends segment, shocking Sister Wives fans.

Meri and Kody’s estranged marriage has taken a backseat this season, which has focused heavily on Kody’s strict rules for the family. Although Sister Wives fans have long begged Meri to move on and find someone she deserves, she has stood her ground.

Meri admitted that she has both days of hope and discouragement, but one thing she refuses to do is walk away from it all, which she has said she’ll never do.

“If I quit, if I walk away, then it’s not… it’s not going to get better and I’m not going anywhere y’all,” Meri said this season. “You’re stuck with me, whether you like it or not.”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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2 years ago

Meri!! You need to leave Kody!! He is not worth it!!