Sister Wives spoiler: Kody Brown says he overshared on video out of ‘anger,’ was ‘hiding’ from the virus

Sister Wives star Kody Brown
Kody Brown divulged that he was “hiding from” the virus amid the pandemic. Pic credit: TLC

Kody Brown admitted that he was “driven by anger” while self-filming episodes during Season 16 of Sister Wives.

Season 16 of Sister Wives continued to expose the Browns’ struggles to stay connected as a large, plural family amid the pandemic.

Kody and his wives often self-filmed because at certain points throughout the pandemic, especially early on, TLC’s crews weren’t allowed to film to limit exposure to the coronavirus.

Sister Wives: One on One: Kody Brown was ‘driven by anger’ while self-filming

In part three of the Sister Wives tell-all, One on One host Sukanya Krishnan asked Kody and his wives what their experiences were like having to take on the role of camera operator.

Meri and Christine Brown shared their experiences about self-filming during Season 16 before Kody took a turn across from Sukanya to share his experience.

“You know, you’re kinda by yourself, you’ve got that camera in front of your own face, and you’re just frank… maybe a little too honest,” Kody said of filming episodes from his cell phone.

Kody added that he felt he was “driven, maybe in a way, by anger.”

“I mean, I was so angry about what my experience was — being confined, wearing a mask, hiding from a virus that you know, when people get it, they all have different experiences. One person loses their sense of smell, and one person dies. And everything in between, if not asymptomatic, all the way to death.”

Kody revealed during a fan’s Cameo video last year that he had contracted COVID-19 and said that it did “bad things” to him. Despite his extra precautions, Kody didn’t disclose how he contracted the virus, although it’s possible he caught it from his and Robyn’s nanny, who tested positive, as Sister Wives fans will remember from Season 16.

Kody Brown’s strict pandemic rules took center stage during Season 16 of Sister Wives

Most of Season 16 of Sister Wives focused on Kody’s ultra-strict pandemic rules for his family. Kody took the CDC’s recommendations even further, asking his wives and children to follow a long list of protocols in order to be able to spend time with him.

However, as Sister Wives viewers know, not everyone in the family was on board with Kody’s rigid regime. Janelle and Christine and their kids were especially turned off by Kody’s rules and at many points downright refused to comply. Janelle called Kody’s rules “the biggest problem” they’ve ever had in their marriage.

Sister Wives fans were appalled last season when Kody refused to travel with Christine to accompany their daughter Ysabel to her back surgery, and refused to help with her round-the-clock aftercare.

Kody and Janelle’s older sons, Garrison and Gabriel, refused to abide by their dad’s strict rules and continued to have social lives, work, and attend school outside of the home, much to Kody’s chagrin.

Kody admitted during part two of the tell-all that his relationships with Garrison and Gabriel are still strained. They don’t speak and Kody believes the three of them need therapy.

Janelle was also unwilling to follow all of Kody’s strict rules 100% of the time, which resulted in their relationship suffering a major strain because of it. During part two of the tell-all, Kody referred to Christine and Janelle as “Jackwagons” for their resistance.

There is still plenty to unpack from Season 16 of Sister Wives, so be sure to tune in Sunday night for the third and final installment of the tell-all.

Part three of Sister Wives: One on One airs on Sunday, February 20 at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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