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Sister Wives spoiler: Kody Brown mocks wife Janelle with profanity when she suggests loosening up his rules

Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and Janelle Brown
Once again, Kody Brown disagreed with one of his wives over his COVID-19 rules, and he mocked her. Pic credit: TLC

Kody Brown clashed with his second wife, Janelle, over loosening his rules in a new Sister Wives preview.

Kody Brown is no stranger to controversy, and lately, he has lost quite a few fans in Sister Wives viewers.

This season on Sister Wives, Kody’s ultra-strict pandemic rules for his family have been the main focus in the Brown family, which Kody and Janelle’s son Gabe said were “literally ruining the family.”

Kody struggled to see eye to eye with his wives regarding his rules, and Janelle and Christine grew increasingly frustrated with him.

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown suggests Gabe’s girlfriend move in with them

In a recent preview shared by TLC on their official Instagram page, Kody and Janelle continued to butt heads, this time disagreeing on whether to let their son Gabe’s girlfriend move into Janelle’s house.

Because Kody and Janelle’s son, Gabe, has a girlfriend and a job outside of the home, he hasn’t seen his dad in nearly a year since he isn’t willing to follow his strict protocols.

Janelle suggested that Gabe’s girlfriend move in temporarily, which would make things easier as far as Kody’s rules are concerned, but Kody wasn’t on board with Janelle’s suggestion at all.

“What do you think of Gabriel’s girlfriend moving in for a couple of weeks?” Janelle asked Kody in the video clip.

Kody Brown adamantly opposed to Janelle’s idea, mocks her with profanity

Kody revealed during his solo confessional, “I’m not answering that question. If I answer the negative, then I’m restricting them from being around each other.”

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“If I answer the positive, then I’m contradicting my religious views,” Kody continued. “And you know what? The whole frickin’ family has thrown those out the window.”

Kody’s religious views, which once played a much more significant role on Sister Wives, are that couples shouldn’t live together before marriage.

After Janelle explained that it would make more sense for Gabe’s girlfriend to move in, Kody had some surprising commentary during his solo confessional.

“Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,” Kody told the camera with a look of exasperation as his face turned red with anger.

Kody continued to rant, “Vomit more bulls**t, vomit more bulls**t. God, I’m just sick of it!”

During last week’s episode of Sister Wives, Janelle got fed up with Kody’s antics and walked away from a group conversation with all of the spouses, telling Kody to “F**k off!” on her way out.

Sister Wives viewers love that Janelle is standing up to Kody this season, like her former sister wife, Christine Brown, also has.

Janelle’s decision to side with Gabe isn’t surprising since she admitted that when it comes to Kody guilt-tripping her into choosing between him or their kids, she will choose the kids over Kody every time.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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  1. How very Christian of Kody to suggest kicking his son Gabe out of the house during COVID. He doesn’t care if his own son, who is still a college student, is homeless during a pandemic. No decent parent would suggest such a thing. In addition, now the poor kid knows how his own father really feels about him.

    • Kody is a controlling person. If I were his so called wives, I would leave the Bastard. He’s a man who wants his cake, and eat it too.

  2. All the wives need to tell him to f off. Why would you want to be in a “spiritual” relationship with this man? Leave him and Robyn all to themselves and get on with your own lives!!

  3. You would have to be deaf dumb and blind to not know that all he wants is Robin..ever since she came into the family it has fallen apart..the should all tell him to hit the road..wait until he gets a younger wife then Robin will be to old and he will spend all his time with the new one…can’t wait lol

  4. Kody needs to do some actual fact checking on Covid. The CDC States getting Covid from a Surface such as grocery bags or mail is one in 10,000.

  5. Wanted to smack that condescending smirk off his face. After his rude threats. He thinks he’s a man, but acts like a child with all his temper tantrum’s loves to hear his own voice

  6. Instead of Kody hopping from house to house get a job..
    These women are taking care of him.. and he wants to set the rules. Lost soul

  7. I think Cody only wants to be with Robin. He divorced Meri to adopt Robbins kids and then he totally turned his back on Meri..he is a selfish jack ass.
    .Robin cry’s and acts like she cares about the other wives….. but she likes having Cody to herself


  8. I don’t know why any women would want to be married to him, he is a big spoiled child that wants to be a Ruler and Young and he is neither of these things. If they were smart they kick him to the curb, split what ever money there is and go and make real lives jut for the women and children. Any man that thought more of his self not catching COVID rather than go to hospital with daughter having major surgery is not a Man anyway, just looking out for number 1. It’s not for me to judge I know but up to God, but I just had to say how I felt.

  9. I’m so glad that Janelle and Christine told him where to get off. I just don’t understand why Meri keeps hanging around just to be treated like garbage. He’s an egotistical asshole. I wish I was as good looking as he thinks he is.

  10. Yep! Cody looks out ONLY for him self! That is completely evident! He is a complete coward and not a man. He does not care about his wives at this point and using COVID as an excuse for his own personal gain. The WHOLE family can see it and the viewers of the show!

  11. I think that Cody is cracking up over all the increased stress, I do not blame Christine for her confusion about staying in present situation with Cody and the lack of any building being done where Cody just had to move.

  12. So it ok for Kody to allow a nanny to come in and care for his two kids with Robin. This idiot is a liar and phony and his other kids know it too. He is making this pandemic an excuse for Janelle to leave next. I hope she does. Meri is my opinion is just a waste of time on the show. Maybe he thinks him and Robin can get a new spin off just for her and him. He is gross and has ugly hair and he deserves everything he is getting from Christine and Janelle. Robin is stupid and thinks he really loves her. Wait with Christine gone he probably has another woman already. Go Janelle and stick to your guns. Your kids come first no matter what. He is the demise of the show and his failed marriages . I say F—off Kody too! Your losing and you look like a complete fool.

  13. Interesting how Kody quotes Biblical morals and yet has several mistresses. That’s right, i said it, mistresses. If you’re going to claim to follow biblical ways, that includes ALLbiblical statutes and one of the ten commandents is to NOT commit adultery. Adultery is laying with a man or woman OTHER than your spouse. The bible doesn’t say, UNLESS you believe differently, it is a clear commandment without buts….hate to break it to you Kody but you are not “married” to anyone but Robyn. Janelle , Christine and Meri can, and some have, can simply walk away without a divorce decree if they choose. Why? Because they’re not legally married to you. The sooner they run, the better. People, don’t bother arguing as this is my view and im not interested in a debate.


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