Sister Wives spoiler: Janelle Brown admits to Robyn she considered leaving Kody Brown

Janelle and Robyn Brown of Sister Wives
Janelle Brown admitted to her sister wife Robyn that she contemplated leaving their husband Kody Brown. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown shared a shocking revelation with her sister wife Robyn Brown regarding their plural marriage to Kody Brown.

Season 16 of Sister Wives has exposed just how damaging the pandemic was to the Browns’ family, especially taking Kody’s strict rules into account.

In a teaser from this Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, viewers will see Janelle Brown make a shocking admission to Robyn about Kody Brown.

Sister Wives stars Janelle and Robyn Brown talk how pandemic negatively affected their family

Janelle and Robyn had an outdoor, socially distant visit around a fire as they talked about what COVID-19 has revealed about their family’s innermost struggles, magnifying their communication breakdown.

“COVID has sort of pulled this blanket off of some of our issues,” Robyn told Janelle during their fireside chat.

Janelle agreed, telling Robyn, “I actually think so, too.”

As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, Janelle butted heads with Kody over his rules and when she suggested he loosen them, he mocked her and responded with profanity.

“These things were there before this,” Robyn admitted during a confessional. “We have two choices: either fix it or just let it completely damage us and change us.”

Meri chimed in during a confessional and agreed that the pandemic was “a little bit rough” on their family and felt as though it “opened a new platform” for them to gripe at each other.

For Janelle’s turn on the confessional couch, she revealed, “COVID has kind of exposed some of those things – really, like they’re very noticeable now.”

Janelle Brown admits she considered leaving Kody Brown, plural marriage

Back outside for their chat, Janelle made her shocking confession to Robyn.

“I’ve caught myself in the last few weeks kind of reflecting and being like, ‘OK, look, do I still choose plural marriage?'” Janelle confessed. “But I’ve had to have that conscious decision with myself.”

However, Janelle said she chose to stay in plural marriage rather than take the easy way out and leave Kody.

“I’ve had to really think – my children are almost grown and there’s not a huge necessity anymore to stay,” Janelle revealed.

Although Janelle admitted that polygamy was a “wonderful way to raise children,” where she and Kody stand currently in their relationship had her second-guessing staying in the marriage.

“With Kody and I right now, our relationship is pretty strained and you know, it’d be really easy,” Janelle said. “It’s easy to walk away.”

Christine had a turn on the confessional couch and revealed that polygamy didn’t turn out to be what she had hoped as a young girl. Still, she put her feelings aside to be able to share a happy Christmas with the family.

“What I hoped polygamy to be when I was younger ended up being something very different from what I actually have lived,” Christine shared.

Christine admitted that she wanted to keep the peace as the family prepared for Christmas.

“The thing is, we’re heading into Christmas and I need to be present and be grateful for the family that I have,” Christine said. “I am who I am today because of polygamy, because I’ve lived it.”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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2 years ago

Time to leave Janelle. Why do you want to stay with a selfish man with illusions of grandeur? He is in, an adulterous relationship with the 2nd wife Robin. You are not legally married to him which makes you one his mistresses in his harem. Your kids come first before a man who thinks he is like God that threatens to stay away when things are not done his way. And now he wants to drive away your children and isolate you from them! Think about it Janelle. Move away from that bondage that idol has over you and the other gullible women. Kody your idol does not love you; we can all see it. Move to a big state like Florida with your kids and start a new chapter in your life. Don’t be afraid. You will eventually run into Mr Right and be happy.

2 years ago

SHOCKED that Kody now does not want an intimate relationship with Christine. He already exiled Mary, now Christine. He has shown that only the wives that toe the line will get his affection. No wonder Christine moved to Utah. Why hang around and have a so called husband dump you because he has a compliant wife that he has .OBVIOUSLY shown he has chosen above the others. Watch out Janelle your next! Kody has used Covid to weed out noncompliant family members.