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Sister Wives spoiler: Christine Brown says it’s hard for her kids to respect Kody because he has ‘favorites’

Christine and Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Christine Brown accused Kody of having “favorites” and said it’s why her kids have trouble respecting him. Pic credit: TLC

This week on Sister Wives, Christine Brown admitted that her kids have trouble respecting their father, Kody Brown, because he has “favorites.”

Season 16 of Sister Wives has focused heavily on Kody Brown’s strict pandemic rules for his family and how they’ve caused a further divide between him, his wives, and their kids.

In Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, called The Teflon Queen, Christine Brown made a startling confession about Kody.

After Kody had a talk with his son Gabriel about abiding by his rules when it comes to having a social life with his girlfriend, Kody took to the confessional couch.

Sister Wives star Kody Brown brags on wife Robyn’s household

“I’ll tell you something that Robyn has done from the very beginning of coming into our family,” Kody told cameras, bragging on his “obedient” fourth wife.

“She sat her children down and she said, ‘We’re going into this family you will be kind to this family, you will accept this family, and you will respect the parents, and you will respect Kody as your father,'” Kody added.

Kody went on to say that he “has other households” who never established the same rules with their kids, presumably talking about Janelle and Christine, who were dead-set against Kody’s strict rules.

Christine Brown admits husband Kody has ‘favorites,’ daughters struggle to respect him

Christine had her turn on the confessional couch and told cameras, “I used to be super, like, ‘Anything you want, anything you say, whatever you want.’ I used to be that wife. Um, and I’m not anymore.”

Christine made a shocking but truthful confession when she admitted, “I’m the one who’s present. I’m the one who’s around.”

Because of Kody’s strict rules, he went nearly an entire year without seeing or spending time with some of his kids who continued to have social lives and work outside of their homes.

Christine added, “It’s hard for the girls to respect their dad when they see he has favorites.”

“And they… they struggle with how apparent it is that he’s more comfortable at some houses than others,” Christine added.

Sister Wives viewers are loving watching Christine find her voice this season and stand up to Kody when she disagrees with him.

Christine and Kody’s relationship was a “rough” one for several years before Christine decided to split from her husband of 27 years and move back to Utah, a dream of hers for years.

It seems as though Kody’s strict rules played a huge role in Christine’s decision to leave – now Sister Wives viewers are wondering which wife will be next to leave, and most of them are rooting for it to be Janelle.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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    • His “rules” for CoVid are ridiculous! I think this polygamous marriage is soon going to be a monogamous with Robyn. I can’t understand why Mary wants him now, she used to have no use for him…

  1. He was a sperm donor with all the perks of those four idiots kissing his ass! Christine is his biggest challenge because she left and is no longer a yes Kody women! He has been a liar forever. I think Gabriel and Janelle are going to be the turning point for him Meri and Robin. I hope Janelle is strong enough to leave and stand up to him too. Meri is the stooge and will be the last one standing even tho Kody wants nothing to do with her. Robin is the one he loves and Meri will take being just a friend and continue to buy his lies! Kudos to Christine for being a stronger women than he is a man. He abused all four of his wives and children mentally and it’s coming to an end.

  2. As a devote follower of the show, it’s very obvious Kody does. Robyn is the favorite wife…and I feel she driven a wedge as she enjoys being the lead wife and favored. I’m so offended by her fake tears too. I just feel she is very much lacking being genuine to the “family.”

  3. Kody didn’t go with his daughter when she had her back surgery but he goes with janell when her mom passes! And as soon as he gets back he says he’s going to Robin’s and couldn’t wait to see her and the kids! Robin is crying because kody is around all the time and she didn’t sign up for a monogamous marriage but polygamy! Take this show off the air! Jody’s just a sperm donor! Good for christine for leaving! Cancel the show!

  4. The reason Christine’s kids don’t respect Kody is because they are told to be disrespectful!! Christine speaks poorly about him in front of the children. Janelle’s & Christine’s children were born into the family. Robin’s were not, therefore it was made understood when she entered the family that her kids were required to respect all of the adults.
    Don’t get me wrong, I think Kody is an narcissistic assHole! But these kind of conversations should be with adults and preferably with therapists. Not spoken about while children are within earshot.

  5. Kody is a jerk he only cares about Robin.he treats meri like dirt don3know why she won’t leave so proud of Christine for leaving not like there marriage is legal did anyone notice how he couldn’t wait to get to sourpout Robin.boy bye.

  6. Cody is an ***. He treats these women like ****! Mari needs to grow a backbone and move on with her life. Congrats on Christine opening her eyes and seeing who Cody really is. Janelle needs to do the same. Robin will leave Cody when there’s no one left. Cody can live with the person he loves the most HIMSELF!!


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