Sister Wives spoiler: Christine Brown breaks the news of her split from Kody to daughter Truely

Sister Wives stars Christine and Truely Brown
Christine finally breaks the news to Truely that she’s leaving her dad, Kody. Pic credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

Christine Brown has broken the news that she’s splitting from Kody Brown to her sister wives, and now it’s time to tell her youngest daughter, Truely.

Season 17 of Sister Wives is underway and a major storyline has been Christine’s split from Kody.

Viewers watched Christine break the news to Meri, Janelle, and Robyn, as well as the older kids in the Brown family. However, she has yet to spring it on her and Kody’s youngest child, 12-year-old daughter Truely.

In a clip from Sunday, October 16’s episode, Christine finally drops the bombshell on Truely, but it doesn’t exactly go as planned.

Christine explains that she received a phone call from her daughter Mykelti, who told her how excited she was that her mom was moving to Utah where she and her husband Tony live with their daughter, Avalon.

Despite the happy phone call, however, Christine notes that when she uttered the words, “Yeah, I’m excited to move too,” she heard a gasp behind her. As it turns out, it was Truely, and she was shocked.

Sister Wives spoiler: Christine Brown tells daughter Truely she’s leaving Kody Brown

Christine and Kody had planned to talk to Truely together, but that plan was thrown out the window once Truely heard the news by accident.

“So I sat Truely down and I told her we’re moving,” Christine confesses in the clip. “And she started to cry.”

Truely asked to go to her room with tears in her eyes, but Christine had more to reveal to her daughter. “It’s just you and I that are moving. It’s just the two of us,” Christine recounts telling Truely.

Truely picked up pretty quickly on what was going on and asked her mom whether she and Kody were getting divorced with a “heartbroken” expression on her face.

Rather than wondering if Truely would question her mom’s decision, or hope that her parents would get back together, Christine chooses to tell her daughter that she and Kody are already divorced.

Christine always wanted to be Kody’s third wife

In plural marriage, there can only be one legal wife. Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn, is currently his only legal wife while Meri, Janelle, and Christine were considered his spiritual wives.

Christine entered the plural marriage as Kody’s third wife, a role that she had always wanted as a sister wife. Christine noted that a polygamist husband’s first wife is “too much work,” while the second wife goes through too many “hard times and change.”

“I always thought that being the third wife would be the best,” Christine revealed in August 2022, adding, “Number three just coasts right in the middle. Easy.”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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Jennifer Stevens
Jennifer Stevens
1 year ago

I dont like tearing people apart, especially not knowing them. Kody has been making choices that center around Robyn for quite some time and anytime he disagrees with one of his wives, he punishes them by ostracized them and stays away from them, finding more reasons to be distant. He doesn’t want to live a plural life and he can’t say he does. ALL OF HIS ACTIONS shows that he does. First Meri, then Christine ans now he is making excuses towards Janelle? His number one reason for going to the ladies homes should be the kids. I dont care what “inconvenience” he is facing. Like it or not whether you have 1 kid or 18, you will be inconvenienced in some way. It’s called life. Be glad you Koty, have smart independent and driven wives who take an independent role. How else would all these businesses get ran? I can think of a few choices you’ve made Koty and did not consult with your wives. You are right about one thing Koty. You’re angry. You say it’s due to the lack of respect being the patriarch of your family. You’re really angry because you don’t feel like your wives believe in you anymore. Otherwise their decisions and actions would align right? Truth is, they don’t. You have negated their feels and very clearly put your legal wife ahead of your spiritual wives and sadly, Robyn bares the brunt of that and its not her fault. It’s your fault Kody. You stopped valuing your wives despite the circumstances/issue that came about. You stopped treating them equally honestly when Robyn arrived on scene. Meri gave up being your legal wife. She felt ostracized by you and some other wives and Lord knows you haven’t even touched her in FOREVER, and Meri is STILL keeping her vow. Yes she did have an emotional affair. It is what it is. My question for you IS WHERE WERE YOU when all this was going down? I guarantee if she felt your presence in the marriage, that would have never happened. So instead of pointing the finger Kody, realize that everybody had a part to play in it. Christine had needs you refused to provide and Im not speaking about Sex. Intimacy= IN TO ME SEE. Say it again. Louder for those in the back! Janelle, hell she pretty much handed you a guilty free, no responsibilities type relationship and you have now found away to get rid of her. Inconvenienced? Remember this…For ever action there is a reaction. Your wives were never meant to be subservient. You made yourself the patriarch. Your family didn’t. You put yourself above your family. They didn’t. YOU CHOOSE NOT TO SEE YOUR KIDS. Where theres a will, theres a way. Patriarchs are often inconvenienced, never have to assign a title to themseves, and never make excuses. You are no patriarch my guy. You, one handedly circumvented the destruction of the Brown legacy. You know what the Bible says Koty. I shouldn’t have to remind you that pride cometh before the fall. Your pride is jeopardizing EVERYTHING. If you can’t take a step back from that, then you are blinded by your own ignorance.