Sister Wives: One on One spoiler: Kody Brown doesn’t feel ‘safe’ with Meri, says ‘intimacy is just damage’

Kody and Meri Brown of Sister Wives
Kody Brown admitted that he’ll never feel “safe” with Meri again. Pic credit: Discovery+

Kody Brown made a confession during part one of Sister Wives: One on One, admitting that he’ll never feel “safe” with Meri Brown again.

Season 16 of Sister Wives has come to an end, but viewers were surprised to learn that Kody and his wives would be appearing in a three-part, one-on-one special, as previously reported by Monsters and Critics.

Hard-hitting host Sukanya Krishnan will drill Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown on Sister Wives fans’ most burning questions after watching this season.

Sister Wives: One on One: Meri Brown defends not leaving Kody Brown

Now, in a sneak peek of Sunday’s tell-all shared by People, Kody Brown admits that he doesn’t feel “safe” with his first wife Meri and “never will again.”

The clip starts off with Meri explaining to Sukanya, “Literally I don’t understand people who think, ‘Well just because you don’t have this relationship with Kody, why don’t you just leave? Why don’t you just leave?’ Like, because I don’t want to!”

Last season, Meri admitted that she and Kody are “just friends” and said that despite what anyone else thinks, she’s not going anywhere.

Sukanya didn’t hold back and brought to Meri’s attention why it seems so ridiculous that she keeps vying for Kody’s attention after he’s repeatedly made it clear that he’s not interested in reciprocating the efforts.

“Well, the reason I asked that is because we see Christine sort of unraveling as well because of the lack of intimacy and romantic relationship within her own committed relationship to Kody and how that is a non-negotiable thing for her,” Sukanya tells Meri.

Meri explained that she and Christine are “two different people” with “two different sets of values.” For her turn on the couch with Sukanya, Christine admitted of Meri sticking by Kody’s side without intimacy, “I don’t know how she does it. I guess she’s more fine with it than I am.”

Kody Brown says ‘intimacy is just damage’ in marriage to Meri Brown, ‘doesn’t feel safe’

Next, Kody took a turn on the couch across from Sukanya, who told the Brown family patriarch that it seems as though Meri is still interested in healing their relationship and having an intimate marriage with him.

“But there’s a point where intimacy is just damage,” Kody shockingly confessed. “It’s misleading. To have intimacy in a relationship where there is no real safety, I’m not going there.”

Sukanya then asked Kody, “Are you telling me that you don’t feel safe with Meri?”

“No, and I never will again,” Kody dejectedly admitted. “I will be her friend, I will do what I can to protect her, we’ll build a house for her out on Coyote Pass, but I’m never going to feel safe in an intimate place.”

Kody admitted that Meri hurt him to the core, to a place in their relationship that has become unfixable, and he says it wasn’t due to the infamous catfishing incident.

“And that wasn’t from the catfishing,” Kody said. “It was just the catfish woke me up and out of the, um, out of the daze, I guess.”

When Sukanya asked Kody whether a friendship with Meri was enough for everyone in the family, he didn’t think so.

“I don’t think that’s enough for anybody,” Kody shared. “But everybody makes their choices.”

Tune in Sunday night to catch the rest of part one of the highly anticipated tell-all, the first one to air in three years.

Part One of Sister Wives: One on One airs this Sunday, January 30 at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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2 years ago

It is very plain why Meri stays. She doesn’t love Kody and I don’t blame her. I won’t even start with my opinion of Kody.

Debbie Henson Williams
Debbie Henson Williams
2 years ago

He is so narcissistic and mean. When he divorced Meri to marry Robyn, he checked out of the other 3 relationships. He is cutting them loose so he can get more and younger wives. Robyn is about to feel what it’s like to be yesterday’s new girl. She was a big part of the failures of the other three. She tries to act innocent, but karma is about to catch up with her. Kody is a pig. He expects to be in control of everyone and then plays dumb when he is challenged. Gaslighting isn’t a strong enough word. I would love to see the stringy haired, egotistical creep alone FOREVER.

2 years ago

Debbie you hit the mail on the head. I feel exactly. I think The dictator and His wife (Robyn) belong together. She scts just as dumb as Kody when challenged.

2 years ago

Time to go Kody. You only have Robin on your side. You divorced Meri so you could marry Robin.

2 years ago

I can’t believe he thinks he is attractive to younger women who would. birth more babies for him. I’m surprised he found four. he is disgusting..