Sister Wives: Kody Brown says it’s ‘inappropriate’ for daughter Truely to live with Christine’s fiance David

Christine and Kody Brown TLC confessionals
Kody and Christine’s youngest child, Truely, lives with her mom since her parents split. Pic credit: Discovery+

Sister Wives star Kody Brown doesn’t like the idea of his and Christine Brown’s daughter, Truely, living with Christine’s fiance, David Woolley, because the couple isn’t yet married.

Since splitting from Kody in 2021, Christine has moved back to Utah and found the love of her life in her fiance, David.

The two have purchased a home together, as Monsters and Critics previously reported, which they reportedly live in along with 13-year-old Truely.

But, Kody says it’s “inappropriate” for his and Christine’s youngest child to live under the same roof as an unwed couple.

An insider spoke with The Sun and told the outlet, “It has been brought up several times by Kody that he doesn’t think it’s appropriate for his daughter to be living in an unwed household.”

The source continued, “There have been conversations about how he’s uncomfortable with the fact alone that Christine and her fiance are living together and not married.”

A Sister Wives insider revealed that Christine Brown’s fiance David Woolley ‘can’t stand’ her ex-husband Kody Brown

Kody made it clear during Season 17 of Sister Wives that he wasn’t comfortable with Christine taking Truely and leaving Flagstaff.

And while Kody voiced his concerns about Christine’s future hypothetical money-hungry boyfriend last season, The Sun’s insider added that David isn’t exactly fond of Christine’s ex-husband.

“David can’t stand Kody,” they told the outlet. “He thinks he treated [Christine] terrible.”

The source also said that David spends time with Christine doing things she wished Kody would do with her but never did.

Monsters and Critics also reported that Kody is “triggered” seeing how much time David spends with Truely. David has taken Christine and Truely on multiple adventures, including trips to Disneyland and hiking and ATV excursions. While recently visiting Utah, Kody’s other ex, Janelle Brown, got in on the fun and joined Christine and David for a fun ATV adventure.

Did Kody and Christine cross paths in Utah?

Many of the Browns who live in Utah traveled back to Flagstaff earlier this month for Kody and Janelle’s daughter Savanah’s high school graduation.

It’s unclear whether Christine was in attendance, but some of her children were able to make the trip, including Gwendlyn. Following Savanah’s graduation, most of the family traveled back to Utah to host a graduation party where most of Savanah’s siblings were in attendance.

Kody’s last wife standing, Robyn Brown, didn’t appear in any photos from Savanah’s graduation, leading Sister Wives fans to question her whereabouts. Whether or not Kody traveled to Utah for Savanah’s graduation party remains to be seen, but it certainly would have been an interesting encounter if Kody, Christine, and David had crossed paths.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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1 year ago

Kody and Christine were not legally married. So Cody, needs to pull his head out of his ass and deal with it.He had better get off his and Robin need to go get jobs. Maybe Robin can get a job at Hooters.