Sister Wives: Janelle Brown reflects on mother’s death on same day as daughter Savanah’s birthday

Janelle Brown and her late mother of Sister Wives
Janelle Brown commemorated her mother Sheryl on the anniversary of her death. Pic credit: TLC and @janellebrown117/Instagram

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown had mixed emotions remembering her mother’s birthday, which holds “bittersweet” meaning.

Janelle reflected on a day that holds a lot of meaning for her.

December 7 marks date of Janelle Brown’s mother’s passing and birthday, daughter Savanah’s birthday

December 7 is the anniversary of Janelle’s mother Sheryl Brown’s death and it was also Sheryl’s birthday.

Janelle and Kody’s youngest child, daughter Savanah, also celebrates her birthday on the same day as her late grandmother Sheryl.

Janelle took to Instagram on Dec. 7 to reflect on the “bittersweet” day with her fans.

“December 7 – A mixed emotions day,” Janelle captioned her post.

“So happy to celebrate Savanah’s 17th birthday and bittersweet to remember my mom on this day. It was her birthday also!”

Janelle also shared that Savanah proudly sported one of her Grandma Sheryl’s watches to honor her.

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown ‘felt’ her mom’s presence

“But today also marks the one year anniversary of her death. Savanah has a watch of my moms and she proudly wore it today. I recognized it immediately this morning and felt mom close by,” Janelle concluded her post.

In her post, Janelle included two pics. The first slide showed Savanah holding her niece, Evie, as they posed for a sweet pic. The second slide showed a throwback pic of Sheryl holding Janelle’s firstborn grandchild, Axel, when he was a baby.

Interestingly, Janelle’s mother Sheryl was married to Kody Brown’s father, William Brown, hence the same surname.

Sheryl joined Kody’s biological mother, Genielle (interestingly the same name as his second wife Janelle, spelled differently), in marrying William, technically making her both Janelle’s mother and mother-in-law while she was still alive.

Sheryl joined plural marriage later in life before Janelle and Kody even began courting.

Janelle shared the news of her mother’s passing last year in an Instagram post, telling her followers that Sheryl passed after battling a long illness.

Kody’s second wife and her sister were able to be by their mother’s side at the time of her passing, which meant a lot to Janelle.

Back in May, Janelle shared a sweet tribute to her mom Sheryl in honor of Mother’s Day, thanking her mom for raising her to be “fiercely independent.”

Janelle told her fans, “To my mom. I miss you everyday but especially days like today when I once again realize I can never just call you again.”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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