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Sister Wives fans think Gabe Brown hinted dad Kody and his fourth wife Robyn had another baby

Robyn, Gabe, and Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Sister Wives fans are curious if Gabe spilled some pregnancy news regarding his dad Kody and fourth wife, Robyn Brown. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives are wondering if Kody Brown’s son Gabe hinted that his dad and fourth wife, Robyn Brown, welcomed another baby or might be expecting one.

This season on Sister Wives, viewers have watched Kody Brown’s pandemic rules for his family become even more strict and cause further division between himself, his wives, and their kids.

Two of Kody’s adult sons, Gabe and Garrison Brown, whose biological mom is Janelle, have especially butted heads with with their dad when it comes to keeping the family separated.

On last week’s episode of Sister Wives, Gabe discussed Kody’s rules with his mom Janelle, and he became very angry about his dad’s actions.

Gabe told Janelle that Kody was “literally ruining the family” with his strict rules and keeping the siblings away from each other.

Gabe Brown uses pregnancy reference on last episode of Sister Wives

“Dad wants to play stupid games. We can play along,” Gabe told Janelle during their heated conversation.

Gabe continued to disparage Kody’s rules and compared the amount of time away from his dad to the length of time a typical pregnancy lasts.

“Someone could have gotten pregnant and had a baby in the time that we haven’t seen dad,” Gabe said.

“Pregnant and baby,” he reinforced.

sister wives fans vote whether robyn is pregnant or not
Pic credit: u/u/BrownEyedGirl_11/Reddit

“How about the fact that he’s been at Robyn’s for nine months?” Gabe added.

Gabe’s comments in the episode led some Sister Wives fans to Reddit where they discussed whether the comments possibly contained any hints.

In a post titled, “Do you think Robyn is pregnant or just had a baby?” Sister Wives fans voted with the options being “Yes,” or “No, it’s just a rumor.”

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Although 550 of the 627 total votes thought it was just a rumor, there were some Sister Wives viewers who expressed their beliefs in the comments section.

Sister Wives fans think Robyn and Kody Brown are expecting or had another baby

One Redditor felt that although Gabe’s comments sparked curiosity, they weren’t sure it means Robyn had a baby or is expecting one.

“I lean toward No, but Gabe’s comments are interesting,” they wrote.

sister wives fans discuss whether robyn brown is pregnant, had a baby, or is trying
Pic credit: u/u/BrownEyedGirl_11/Reddit

Another Redditor felt that Gabe wouldn’t have emphasized the point about pregnancy and Kody being with Robyn if it didn’t serve an actual purpose.

“Given [that] Gabe was hellbent on making the point that it was 9 MONTHS and he drove home that a baby could have been born, followed by his comment that Kody had been with Robyn the whole time,” their comment read.

They added, “Janelle didn’t even acknowledge what he said and just kept going. I think she definitely had a baby.”

Another Sister Wives viewer surmised that Robyn isn’t pregnant, but they also found Gabe’s comments interesting.

“I did not think this was a possibility, but I was also really struck by this,” they commented. “Manipulating the words like that 100% seems like something gabe would do to tell us all when he couldn’t and the producers would totally include it.”

Sister Wives fans often speculate that Robyn is pregnant, given the nature of polygamy. Kody is already a father to 18 children and adding a 19th child to the family would surely shake things up.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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    • It is a possibility. Robyn is in her early 40s, she probably can still physically has children. But, really, what an ego Kody must ha e to have so many children. And it is the WIVES who emotionally and financially support all those children

    • This was in 2020 and pandemic was 9 months old. Gabe could have been using reference or a true fact. Also his grown siblings could have had a baby too?

  1. I think Gabe is being a bratty teenager who thinks he’s entitled to break the rules regardless of what his parents tell him. He’s angry because of it and will stomp his feet and spout off at the mouth because he knows the cameras are on him and it makes him feel big and bad in a crowd. He needs to show respect for his elders and his mother needs to tell her kids that’s not how to speak regardless about their parents and show respect!

  2. I’m curious as to why Robyn needs a nanny? She has teenage daughters and a husband that is around all the time. If they were so financially strapped, how can they afford to pay a nanny?

  3. If she has another child by him, I think she is very foolish. It does not seem like she and Cody are really getting along that well. In my opinion Cody would be just as happy living alone and only depending on the women for his personal needs (meals, wash, cleaning etc) He has often stated that he needs to get away one in a while so what does that tell you.

  4. Robyn is the wedge that has driven the family apart!!! She is Satan spawn! Evil and what is the real truth about why she was divorced in the first place!!??

  5. I don’t think Robyn had a baby nor do I think that is she pregnant , I just think it’s Gabs way of just saying that his dad has been away from the family for 9 months and just added that a baby could have been born in all that time. I wouldn’t read too much into what he said about someone could have had a baby in the 9 months they all have been apart he’s just angry because he misses his brothers and sisters. I feel for the kid I think Kody is being ridiculous and I believe he is sick of the plural marriage thing and just wants to be with Robyn, sorry that’s my opinion.


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