Sister Wives fans call out Kody Brown for not following his own rules for the family after attending funeral

Kody Brown of Sister Wives
Kody Brown acted hypocritically according to Sister Wives fans after watching last week’s episode. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives viewers are calling out Kody Brown after the patriarch traveled to Wyoming for a funeral amid his strict pandemic rules for his family.

In the last episode of Sister Wives, Janelle Brown’s mother Sheryl lost her battle with cancer and passed away just weeks before Christmas.

Although Kody, his wives, and their kids hadn’t been all together in nearly a year, they agreed to follow Kody’s protocols two weeks before Christmas in order to be together under the same roof without risking spreading the coronavirus.

Kody Brown attends Janelle’s mother’s funeral one week before Christmas, disobeys own pandemic rules

Kody decided that he would travel solo to Wyoming to attend Sheryl’s funeral while asking his other wives to stay home to reduce exposure.

“I’m hoping and praying with faith that we’ll make it to this celebration for Christmas in spite of going and having potential exposure to COVID,” Kody revealed during the episode on his drive from Arizona to Wyoming.

Kody felt the funeral was “more important” than Christmas and his plan was to attend the funeral, then self-test for COVID-19 when he returned home.

What Kody didn’t take into account, despite his own strict COVID-19 rules, was that he didn’t quarantine for the standard 14 days (which was recommended at the time) and could still have tested positive despite an initial negative test.

Sister Wives fans took to Reddit where they discussed Kody’s actions in a thread titled, “Riddle me this, Kody…..”

The thread’s creator pointed out that Kody’s logic made no sense and that by his own rules, he should have quarantined or missed the family’s Christmas celebration altogether.

Sister Wives fans call out Kody Brown for disobeying his own rules

Sister Wives fans flocked to the comments where they voiced their opinions on Kody disobeying the very rules he set out for his family.

One fan of the show commented that Kody came directly home to his and Robyn’s house because their youngest daughter, Ariella, missed him, despite not seeing his other elder children for nearly a year.

Sister Wives fans previously slammed Robyn for voicing that her kids struggle when they don’t see their dad, not thinking about the other children in the family who have not.

“Oh but you forget…Robyn magically discovered there was a rapid test,” commented the Sister Wives viewer. “Of course Kody has to fly right home because Ariella missed him? I guess he forgot he had Savannah, Gabriel, Garrison, Truely, Gwen and Aspyn that also hadn’t seen him.”

sister wives fans called out kody brown for being hypocritical about his covid-19 rules
Pic credit: u/SuperK5/Reddit

Another Redditor asked why the rest of the family couldn’t have used rapid tests in order to be able to hang out in-person, like Kody did when he returned home to Robyn’s house.

“That’s the other thing, if the rapid test is good enough for him to return, then why not for everyone else to come to holidays?” asked one Redditor. “Their cherry-picking of logic is infuriating. It’s hard to deal with for those of us grounded in logic and…reality…”

sister wives fans called out kody brown for being hypocritical about his covid-19 rules
Pic credit: u/SuperK5/Reddit

Another Redditor pointed out how Kody justifies his actions and wrote, “I think that’s what makes this so hard to watch. He tries to use the guise of logic to justify keeping everyone away, but when logic is applied to him (like Christine does every single episode), he uses a bunch of double talk and gaslighting. He is infuriating.”

Kody’s strict rules have certainly caused an uproar among his wives, as well as Sister Wives viewers this season. Despite all of Kody’s strict rules for his family, Sister Wives fans were outraged when pics surfaced of Kody and Robyn shopping at Victoria’s Secret recently while not wearing face masks.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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2 years ago

Are any of them vaccinated??? They never talk about getting the shot.

2 years ago

Kody is out of control with his life, wives, and children and only cares about Robin. Christine rocks because she took herself and daughter’s out of that toxic life. They strokes his ego long enough and Christine has the smarts and guts to move on. The other women need to take some lessons from her and see he is a mental case and a nasty self center asshole!

Call itasiseeit
Call itasiseeit
2 years ago

Kody is a paranoid self center egotistical control freak. He has no concern for his family or kids. They are suppose to be a family but are kept away from each other in isolation and then bullied by kody if they dont do what he says. I think everyone of his wife’s should follownin Christine’s footsteps and leave.