Sister Wives: Christine Brown reflects on daughter Truely’s scary hospital stay

Christine and Truely Brown TLC confessionals
Christine and Kody’s daughter, Truely, faced kidney failure as a young child. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Christine Brown was reminded that miracles happen as she reflected on her daughter Truely‘s health scare years ago.

Longtime Sister Wives viewers likely remember Truely’s frightening ordeal during Season 6.

Truely fell seriously ill when she was just three years old, and her kidneys shut down. She was hospitalized for nearly two weeks, and doctors weren’t sure whether she would recover.

Now, Truely is thriving as a 12-year-old, and her mom, Christine, is reminiscing about the traumatic event.

Taking to her Instagram feed, Christine shared some old drawings she came across, which she drew while Truely was still hospitalized.

The first image depicted a stick figure version of Truely in the hospital while on kidney dialysis. The second photo represented Truely when she was released from the hospital and headed for Disneyland.

Sister Wives star Christine Brown recalls daughter Truely’s health scare with a sentimental message

Christine captioned her image in part, “When Truely was 3, her kidneys shut down and I spent 11 days in the hospital wondering if I would go home, with or without her. I came across this picture today, and I remember drawing it for her…”

“So glad I kept these pictures to remind me of miracles,” Christine added.

Truely’s kidney failure occurred while Christine and her former sister wives, Janelle, Meri, and Robyn, were away on a trip. Kody was left to care for the kids, along with the help of some of the other kids, who were teenagers at the time.

Kody later explained that Truely had gotten sick with the flu during Christine’s absence. Apparently, due to insufficient fluids while she was ill, Truely’s kidneys shut down.

Truely struggled with her parents’ divorce

These days Truely is a healthy pre-teen. She and her mom, Christine, left Flagstaff and moved back to Utah, where they live near the other siblings who share Christine as a biological mom, including Mykelti, Aspyn, Paedon, Gwendlyn, and Ysabel.

Although Truely is happy in her new environment, initially, she had apprehensions about her parents’ split. During Season 17 of Sister Wives, Christine broke the news to Truely, and it was an emotional moment.

“So I sat Truely down, and I told her we’re moving, and she started to cry,” Christine told TLC’s cameras. Truely retreated to her room with tears in her eyes after hearing the news, and as Christine put it, she had a “heartbroken” expression on her face.

Last fall, a Brown family insider revealed that Kody hasn’t been in Truely’s life since she moved to Utah. The source claimed that Kody’s fears of COVID-19 were holding him back from traveling from Arizona to Utah to visit his and Christine’s youngest biological child.

“So, if Christine is not choosing to do the transporting and making it happen — nor would she put Truely through any of this stress — then Kody won’t have a relationship with Truely,” the insider told In Touch.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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