Siesta Key: Madisson Hausburg slams hater who judged her photo of her stillborn son

Madisson Hausburg on Siesta Key.
Madisson puts a hater in their place for calling her son’s photo “disturbing.” Pic credit: MTV

Siesta Key’s Madisson Hausburg has had a tough couple of months.

In what should have been one of the happiest times of her life, she and her husband, Ish Soto, have been coping with the loss of their son, Elliot.

Elliot was stillborn at 37 weeks back in December, and since then, Madisson has been vocal about her mourning process, often sharing tributes to Elliot on her social media and being open about her struggles.

Most recently, she and Ish took a trip to Hawaii and shared a photo of Elliot that showed a Hawaiin necklace they had edited into the post.

While this was Madisson and Ish’s way of representing Elliot on the trip with them, some of her followers were not too kind to her.

When one critic told Madisson that the picture was too much, she wasted no time clapping back.

Siesta Key’s Madisson Hausburg slams hater who judged her photo of stillborn son

Madisson shared the photo of her stillborn son Elliot with a Hawaiin necklace transposed around his neck.

Several trolls spoke out in protest of the photo, and Madisson took a screenshot of one of the heated exchanges she shared with them.

When one person said the image was “disturbing,” Madisson quickly fired back.

She wondered what could be “so disturbing” about a photo of her son. She also let the person know that if they didn’t like seeing her pictures of her baby, then they should “stop following” her because she had no intentions to stop posting him.

She then captioned the photo reminding people “how upsetting it is” for her never to be able to dress her baby. Madisson also added that unless it’s happened to them, people have “NO IDEA what it is like to have your child die.”

She begged people to allow her the “TWO SECONDS of happiness” sharing her son’s photos brings to her.

At the bottom of the post, she let people know that she chose to delete the image of Elliot because people “stole” the moment from her.

Madisson Hausburg's Instagram story
Madisson claps back at critic. Pic credit: @madissonhaus/Instagram

Siesta Key’s Madisson Hausburg’s husband Ish Soto shuts down haters himself

Madisson wasn’t the only one to put the haters in their place. Her husband Ish wasn’t tolerating all of the hate they were receiving either.

He shared a post on his Instagram that shared a screenshot of the original photo of Elliot along with a separate conversation with a person that said the photo was “too much.”

Ish Soto's Instagram story
Ish fires back at a critic. Pic credit: @ishsoto1/Instagram

He bluntly told the critic to “stay the f**k off my page and stories.”

Ish then went on a long rant and let everyone know that he and Madisson would post as many pictures of their son as they wanted to.

He also pointed out to all of the “narrow-minded people” that sharing photos of Elliot “brings awareness” while also bringing together other people who have suffered a similar loss.

Ish Soto's Instagram story
Ish shuts down haters. Pic credit: @ishsoto1/Instagram

While Ish and Madisson have no problem calling out the people who are unkind to them, Madisson did thank those who sent kind and reassuring messages her way.

Madisson's Instagram story
Madisson thanks those who sent kind messages. Pic credit: @madissonhaus/Instagram

So far this season of Siesta Key, fans have watched Madisson get ready for her wedding and for her baby’s arrival. It’s unknown how much of her stillborn experience will play out for viewers to see.

Siesta Key airs Thursdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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